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I recorded and watched the whole thing last night. It was pretty well an Ophah puff piece. She asked a few decent questions but really didn't call him out on his answers.

The one that really got me was his his response to her question about the fact that NBC was potentially putting thousands of people out of work by giving him 5 hours of prime time. To sit there and claim he never thought about it until he was actually on air the first time was pretty for fetched considering it was one of the main controversies brought up when NBC announced the show. They flat out said that producing 5 of his shows with the lower ratings, was still going to be cheaper than 5 quality shows. He was lying through his teeth there, why else was it so hard for him to get decent guests?

Also, not to beat a dead horse here, but he stated that they took him off the Tonight show 7 months early and wouldn't release his contract. To me, if he was really interested in moving on to another network or job, he was not obligated to sign on for a two year stint in a new show that he claims he knew wasn't going to work anyway. He could have went home and relaxed for half a year and shopped around for a new gig. I would be willing to bet, that NBC took him off early to see how Conan did, while keeping Leno in their back pockets.

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