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Has Fallon improved since his launch? I gave up after a couple of weeks
I gave up after one week. That show was going down in flames fast and his current ratings are terrible.

Did anyone catch Leno on Oprah today? It was a very good interview and quite lengthy as interviews go. There was not a lot of new material covered but it did provide some insights.

Leno's numbers were no lower than NBC expected. They were hoping he would get higher numbers but that's a different story. Leno himself considers his show to be a failure due to the ratings. Even Leno's fans were disappointed by the show, which was typically not as good as his Tonight Show material. What killed The Jay Leno Show was the NBC affiliate revolt. NBC had no choice but to cancel. Then they had to contend with losing Leno or Conan. Both were under contract. Leno offered to leave but NBC would not let him. They got rid of Conan instead. Considering that Conan's ratings were half that of Leno's, that choice was a no brainer. This is show business folks. Ratings rule the airwaves and any performer would be stupid to turn down a good gig. Leno's no fool in that respect. I'm sure he has second thoughts on what went down and how it affected Conan. (He admits as much.) The man's not heartless and Conan is a friend.

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