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To answer the question as to why Leno is the "bad guy" here, my favourite geek columnist, Andy Ihnatko breaks it down Zapruder-film style:

The Coles Notes version: If Jay was a decent guy, his response to NBC, or anyone who asked, would be (and would have been anytime they pitched something to him): "Right now, there's someone else who has that job, and as long as that's the case, I have no interest in that position/job/timeslot."

And, last night, Letterman pretty much called him out as well, going on and on about how we all know what a "good guy" Leno is, what a decent person he is, helpful, gracious, "man of the people". And then delivered the kill-shot: "Being that he's such a decent guy, he'll do the only thing he can do and step aside and let Conan continue as host of the Tonight Show; because that's the kind of guy he is - putting others first."

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