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Originally Posted by jennywenny View Post
My question is, do the Canadian TiVos really NOT record HD channels?? or do they just not record them in HD format?? meaning, they will still record the channel, but not in HD??
The TiVos that have been sold in Canada are/were Series 2s. Yes, they record only in SD. Yes, your box can tune them and watch them direct in HD with component or DVI/HDMI tot he TV.

The TiVo HD models (you would have to import on your own), can only record from cable or antenna directly (does not support any sort of box), and for all practical purposes in Canada, can record only HD from antenna.

Being you have Bell, you can get a 6131 receiver form them, and plug a USB hard-drive into it, to make it into a single tuner DVR, which will record in HD.
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