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Originally Posted by jennywenny View Post
My question is, do the Canadian TiVos really NOT record HD channels?? or do they just not record them in HD format?? meaning, they will still record the channel, but not in HD?? sorry if my questions sound a little dumb... i just don't want to buy a TiVo if it's not going to record the channels i wanted in the first place...

say, The Movie Network for instance... will it be able to record those channels??
I believe that the TiVos that have been sold in Canada are not able to record HD - just Standard Definition (SD). There is also an HD version of the TiVo that is sold in the US. This will work in Canada to record Over The Air (OTA) channels if you can get them. But that is limited to the regular TV networks - you are in Mississauga so if you have line of sight to the south and east you might be able to pick up Buffalo and Toronto stations (i.e. CBC, CTV, CITY, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX) but no TMN, TSN, etc.

These HD TiVos have something called a CableCard slot that allows you to record HD cable stations if your cable company gives you a CableCard. US regulations force American cable companies to give their customers CableCards if they ask for them but no cable company in Canada is doing so and the CRTC hasn't forced them to do so.

So that means that you can buy a TiVo but it won't record HD (with a few exceptions). That leaves you with buying (or possibly renting) a PVR box from your cable or satellite company if you want to record HD. But these boxes totally suck compared to a TiVo.

There is one other solution but it is much more expensive and complex and that is using a PC to record all of your TV shows. That will allow you to record all of your HD shows.
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