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My TiVo's rock

Hey all I just recently got my second TiVo HD unit and I’m very happy with both of my units.

I have cable connected to my unit and it works with both analogue and digital as you probably already know. The problem of course is that without a cable card you do not get the guide info for the digital stations. Cable companies here in the republic of Canada do not have to provide us a Cable card the way they do, by law in the United States. In short we the consumers do not have the right to choose which PVR we want to use. If you want Bell, Rogers or Cogeco you have to purchase their receiver. I have two terrible Bell PVRs that don’t do HD in the basement right now collecting dust; both cost more than $600.00. My TiVo HD receiver including the life time subscription cost about the same the difference is OTA is fantastic and free.

Time for a little rant.
When I called up Bell to cancel my phone service they asked why and I told them by switching to V.O.I.P I could cut my bill in half and choose a (416) area code which would eliminate almost all of my long distance call bills because for some reason calling from Milton to Brampton 20 Kilometres away was long distance. The guy had no response.

When I cancelled my Bell Satellite the Girl told me that she would lower my monthly fee from $70.00 dollars a month to $40.00, I told her that I had been a customer for four years and that perhaps If they had just given me the best rate from the start I wouldn’t be cancelling now.

When will these Companies get a clue and realize that perhaps treating your customers fairly and with respect they may keep their customers in the future. Maybe they could offer a customer like myself a Cable Card for my TiVo so In the future when analogue is gone I keep using their services as opposed to cancelling there service. Which is exactly what I plan to do.

These Companies are worse than greedy they’re Stupid, and if they got their way it would be illegal to have an antenna on your roof to begin with.

Every week I notice more Antennas going up around my subdivision and smile knowing that these are people like me unplugging from the Matrix.
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