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I Need help with wireless remote setup


Hi there, I have now bought a wireless remote extender to send signal from my Samsung tv in games room to my 6131 that is in bedroom. I have cables hooked up and am getting signal but can only watch what is being played in bedroom tv. I have the remote from a 9242 that i dont need that i will be using for the Samsung in the games room. I have set the code so that volume, on off, and tv menu all work now. The only problem i am having is that when i try to change channels or use the pvr the tv display says ( Not available)
Does any one have an idea on what i may try?
BTW. I have transmitter for wireless in front of Samsung and receiver for wireless in front of 6131, i believe thats correct
Thanks in advance for any help on this subject!

I have also married the #1 remote from 9242 to the 6131 so it DOES work
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