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timlocke. wind does use 2100 in canada, but 1700 is the uplink, 2100 is the downlink. its unusual because its split into two unlike the other bands they use 850 uplink/850 downlink, so we only say 850 once, not twice. otherwise we'd say 850/850, 1900/1900, 1700/2100, but it becomes too cluttered, so instead we will use 850/1900/AWS/IMT, got it?
Thanks Paolo. After my last post I did go and research this. Still seems complex for the number of radios on a chip for a phone with power constrained by a tiny battery. Especially with wifi and bluetooth in there as well... the wonders of modern electronics. The phones may have to have 3 receivers and two transmitters going at the same time ( tx bluetooth and some phone or wifi, rx gps , bluetooth and some phone or wifi)
Anyway... all I care about is that these phones can instantly connect to and work on the best available network when roaming without me having to manually tell the phone to search for a network. AND importantly NOT to have to buy an expensive BB to get this facility.
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