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Originally Posted by tobe View Post
so just to follow up on this......

Say I have a recording scheduled and I will not be home.

Does the green light on the far left of the unit (the big one) have to be on for the reording to work?

Or is it just the small green light in the middle that has to be on?

When I push power both the box and the TV go off, unless I pust the "tv" button first on the remote....

Provided you STB is plugged into a power outlet it is powered on. the green light only indicated whether it is in standby or actually on. Green light = Actually on, no green light = Standby.

If you have a program set to record it will record regardless of whether the STB is actually on or in standby. You don't have to worry about anything except making sure your PVR is physically plugged into a power outlet
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