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That screen saver is actually what happens when you press Power on the MTS remote. If you watch the remote when you press power, you'll see (I forget which order) the TV light flash, and the STB light flash.

It's not actually powering down the set top (like it does with Shaw for example) but it puts it into a standby mode. You'll know it's in standby if you watch the green LED around the power button on the front of the set top turn off. Or, lets say if you put down the remote too soon and it only turns the TV off, the next time you turn on your TV, the set top won't be in sync, and will be turning off. Then you get the "Press OK" message, like they use to have on Classic.

So maybe something is happening in your home causing it to "power down" Maybe someone else is grabbing a remote and trying to turning it on while you are recording?

Yeah, it does suck that any remote works any set top. They just rolled out a black remote that is superseding the silver one, but I've found it harder to program already It has a code search, but it's not as simple. Add to that, you have to manually program every new remote to NOT control the set top volume by default. Usually the code search would change it automatically to always control the TV volume.

Good luck
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