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Originally Posted by Macman View Post
tobe, I'm just doing it in the meantime until MTS Ultimate TV is available in my area. My wife's been itching for a PVR, and they "gave" us one free (I think we have to give it back when if we cancel). MTS has been good to me, too, and they just put me back on a winback promo about a month or two ago like 2 days before my shaw appointment. We decided to stay at first, but my wife just couldn't wait any longer. Plus I get to finally experience HD on my new TV (only had it about a month or two).

I still like the Ultimate TV service better (I get to use it every day when I'm installing it) but I don't think it'll be in my area anytime soon

I don't see what's wrong with switching back and forth. I think it makes for good competition. I think both providers will not tolerate people who abuse it, but I think it's fair if someone goes with one for a year, switches to another for a year, etc. I don't think they like it if it's less time than that.
Macman I was meaning the reply for vjose78....but I get what you are saying.

I just cant believe they cant get you the service now because you are working for them????

There must be a way.....that would tick me off.

I mean would it not be in there best interest to keep the person who does the installs on their team??

I know they set up another MTS employees to test it, but I guess MTS isn't technically who pays you right..........anyway, I don't have to convince you that it is good, but if I was the CEO of MTS I would make sure all the installers ran the system at their home.
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