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I've read about the cantenna projects but I'm not getting any good information from the blog posts - ie really technical over-my-head graphs and such. And the db gain just doesn't seem to be much better than a bi-quad.

The quad antenna looks good, combined with a parabolic dish - I think this would give me great results.

Another contender is the helix antennas. Lots of good information, and within my abilities to build myself. This article has some good information -

Just trying to wrap my head around the SWR and dielectric constants and velocity factors.

I've mapped out some good line of sight points of interest (open areas with no obstructions) from my place. There is a good one 1/2 mile away. I think the next step would be to build a few antennas and make some observations of signal strength and wifi speeds.

ps - the new egg coupon code doesn't seem to work here in Canada. I'm going to check out the surplus store just around the corner from me for USB wireless adapters with rubber ducky antennas.
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