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Ah.. so it's now "I" instead of the more intuitive right-arrow from all previous versions? Well, at least I can fix that in the source code. Thanks for the pointer.

As for the rest, MythTV is Open-Source. That's its good point. The rest is simply "adequate" to "mediocre".

But, being Open-Source, at least a programmer (like me) can make it work somewhat better, given enough weeks of unpaid work on it.

So I've been using it for several years now, and *fixing* the worst breakages here in my own setup. And customizing the source to solve unrelated problems (multiple antennas) which cannot be done with any other (closed-source) software I know of.

So I still use it (0.21), but I never, ever, recommend it to friends any more.
Enemies, perhaps. But not friends.

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