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Well I just noticed the new 4 SD channels are showing up in the guide on my classic tv service, but the channels aren't available yet and DIY Network isn't showing any program info at all.

As for what HD channels they are adding, judging from the other post linked earlier they are: SRC HD, CBCNN HD, CNN HD, Big Ten HD, CBC West HD, Global West HD, CTV West HD, ABC West HD, CBS West HD, NBC West HD, FOX West HD, PBS West HD, Discovery HD, History HD, TSN2 HD, Sportsnet East HD, Sportsnet Ontario HD, Sportsnet Pacific HD, and 2 HD ppv channels, which amounts to exactly 20 new HD channels as mentioned by somerandomguy. Although i'm not sure if the ppv channels are included in that count, so there could be others.

Does anyone else have anything new showing up in their guide, specifically those of you with the ultimate tv service? Perhaps you could confirm those additions. Like I said new channels are listed in the guide on my classic tv service, there might be something showing up on the ultimate tv service.
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