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Originally Posted by mlord
The default Mythbuntu "theme" should be called "slowbuntu". Tons of mysterious 2-second pauses between screens, a font too huge to be useful on a widescreen, and only 3-4 lines of text on most menus.
You follow the mythtv-users list, don't you? First, you're using a release candidate and there have been several people with UI response problems. Seems some have been solved by fixing permissions on directories used for caching UI elements. Others needed to install a missing font. (No firsthand knowledge here; I'm waiting for .22-fixes to stabilize in a few months.)

The whole point of .22 is a total re-write of the UI code to expand what can be done in the themes. The themes have to be created now that the UI code is settling down--although there are clearly bits that are now going to go into .23. Give the themers a chance to do their thing or stop bitching and roll your own!

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