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Bell Satellite Sending Out New Smart Cards

Just spotted on Channel 794 today that Bell is going to be sending out new smart cards by courier. The channel is also saying that new smart cards must be activated or you will be losing some of your channels.

It is not saying which receivers are affected. I have a 6400 receiver that doesn't have a slot for a smart card.
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They must be having a problem with older receivers losing channels

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Channel is not present on my 9242.

Update. I just checked my locks and that channel is locked out. That is why it is not showing in the guide.

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New smart cards are often a result of enhanced or upgraded encryption technology. It has been in the past. I believe the newer internal "cards" can be upgraded remotely. Cards that fit into external slots and some of the older internal cards cannot. It may no affect all channels. They could be upgrading the encryption for some channels that are frequently pirated or to meet new requirements from content owners.
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The 6400 has a Card Slot.They all do.
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Hmm, channel 794 is visible on all my household's receivers: a cardless 6141, 9241, and 9242. Also shows up in the "all channels" list on two ancient 2700 receivers, but not when the "all subscribed" list is selected.

Channel name "INFO9*" has an EPG title "Auto Tuner Channel" although it hasn't been auto-tuned to it.
The rotating english/french message being broadcast says "your receiver SmartCards have expired" -- lol, "expired"

Previously, Bell swapped smartcards by postal mail in April 2005 and June 2008.
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Since all Bell HD Receivers that have been Refurbished lately are equipped with a Smartcard and that the Smartchip becomes disabled,its my guess that they will send Smartcards to the Receivers that use the older Smartchips.I don't believe that the Smartchips were compromised.Perhaps we will find out the true reason when Bell starts sending these smartcards and the reason why they need to be swapped.This will cost Bell $$$ since they will need employees to assist folks with all the problems and lack of understanding that a swap will cause.
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And although I have not lost any channels...I'm sure I will once I install the "new" smartcards
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Has anyone received there smart cards yet?
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Received my new smartcards yesterday for 6131 and 3100 receivers. After installation you have to phone an automated number to activate the new smartcards. Everything went fine and appears to be working correctly.
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Is everyone subscriber going to get new smart cards, or only those who complain they're losing channels?

I have a single 9241. Not aware of having lost any channels - I have a slim package these days but it does include the TSNs and Rogers Sportsnets, and all looks good on those lately.

Would prefer to not have to go through this if I don't have to!
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The last time Bell updated their encryption and sent out new smart cards, they started with the premium season pass sports channels and worked through rest in increments. Eventually all channels required new cards. TSN and Rogers Sportsnet are probably much further down on the list.
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Nagara-4 ? So with this update they will be able to watermark the video, so if the channel gets streamed by a pirate they can identify the source, shut it off, and possibly even sue the subscriber leaking the channel.

In a move that it says paves the way for Ultra HD content licensing, NAGRA has launched anyMARK, a secure framework for implementing, controlling and updating watermarking technologies.

Together with other enhanced content protection requirements recommended by MovieLabs, the research and development joint venture started by the six major motion picture studios, NAGRA believes that watermarking is poised to become one of several key technologies that will enable pay-TV service providers to acquire rights to exclusive, high value content like Ultra HD, and better track, and shut down illegal redistribution of exclusive linear content, like live sports.

Applicable for both company-proprietary and third-party solutions, anyMARK is designed to ensure that the watermarking software is implemented according to the NAGRA Advanced Security Certification (NASC) guidelines to protect it from tampering while guaranteeing a consistent implementation across set-top box models.

The solution is also controlled by the NAGRA anyCAST Security Services Platform (SSP) for the selective application of the watermark to the desired content. Its watermarking algorithm can also be securely updated by the NAGRA anyCAST SSP if required in order to stay one step ahead of content pirates. Kudelski Security – whose team of 150-plus security and anti-piracy experts has more than 20 years of experience in fighting pay-TV piracy – will also provide the forensic monitoring, investigation and response services to track down illegally distributed premium content and have it removed.

Commenting on the launch, Sam Rosen, practice director TV & video at ABI Research, said: "NAGRA is taking a secure system-level approach to Ultra HD content, including watermarking ... NAGRA is partnering with established watermarking companies, who have established trust with video content providers, and adding value through secure implementation and control of the watermarking system at the front-end, and forensic tracking services at the back end. We believe this approach – when implemented together with other MovieLabs requirements - will ensure pay-TV providers can license the highest value content for their broadcast and on-demand services."
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For those who have already received their new, replacement smartcards, was it actually delivered by courier as suggested on channel 794?

I'm just curious, because the last two times Bell swapped customer smartcards, they were mailed from a post office box in Concord.

In the past, I received replacement cards in April 2005, eight months after distribution began for that campaign. The next time I received cards was in June 2008, four months after distribution began. So, I'm guessing I won't actually receive anything for several months yet, this time around.
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