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One question, is the clock actually slow? Or is the PVR just slow to start? You can compare the clock with an accurate time source, such as NTP or listen to a time signal via radio, not over the Internet. Cell phone clocks are fairly accurate and there's Android an app called "ClockSync" that can also be used.

Can you configure the PVR to start recording a minute early? I have mine configured to stop 5 minutes late, to allow for shows that run over.

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Whether the receiver clock is showing the "true" time, whatever that is, is irrelevant to the issue.

Say you're watching a program at 5:59 PM (as per receiver time) and you call up the guide on screen showing your current program hilited and then you want to switch to a different channel at 6:00 PM., exactly when the guide shows 6:00 PM, you click the new channel, I have missed the first 10 seconds.
Also for the program you were watching before, that channel starts showing the 10 seconds of the program starting at 6:00 PM on that same channel just before the guide says it is 6:00 PM.

In other words if you were to watch one channel continuously and show the clock at the exact hour mark, the new program starts 10 seconds before the receiver clock shows the exact hour change.

The same 10 seconds are lost on any PVR program, unless of course you select start 1 minute early.
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It's NOT JUST a BELL problem in THEIR Clock controlling the DVR ON/OFF's that the NETWORKS that SOURCE the Programs each have their own internal "Clock"....

Aside on GPS ACCURACY, incl. LAND-BASED, mostly along the COAST for Boats, Differential GPS:
...Nothing to do with TIME:
They only calculate GPS Coordinates in the chosen, currently WGS84 Dual Ellipsoid System with EGM96 (Earth Gravitational Model 1996) Geoid [Oblate Spheroid], revised in 2004, that [poorly] approximates the SHAPE of the Earth, which is Fatter in one direction than the other and very much FLATTENED due to the extremely fast rotation. And just to keep things interesting they have continued to refine these coordinate estimates ever since GPS was launched, so there are SIGNIFICANT (tens of feet) differences between measurements made today and measurements made in earlier years [e.g. WGS60/66/72]: [Oblate Spheroid Math]

So there is a VERY COMPLICATED COORDINATE CONVERSION [or more typically APPROXIMATE CONVERSION] required if trying to line up say WGS72 PAPER MAPS to current WGS84 GPS/DGPS Measurements.....and it's even MORE difficult trying to line up to PAPER MAPS drawn BEFORE they were published in ANY of the GPS Coordinate Models.

And just to keep everyone from thinking that ANY GPS/DGPS measurement is anywhere ACCURATE, bear in mind that "typical" Continental Drift is on the order of feet to hundreds of feet per YEAR.....and even SMALLER in California where the Pacific Coast Plate is moving NORTH-WEST at about 3-inches/year along the San Andreas Fault, while the American Continental Plate is moving SOUTH at about 1-inch/year....relative to GPS Coordinates.

GPS Coordinates are especially INACCURATE for HEIGHT if you use a Mapping program such as RADIO MOBILE to prepare PATH PROFILE Charts. Shorelines can be off by 100's of feet in altitude, meaning that many parts of Los Angeles are erroneously displayed as being UNDERWATER [I tweak the Altitude Colorization controls to overcome this issue]. The more accurate Mapping Programs must use a Height Coordinate Correction File, which provides the requisite corrections, depending on WHERE in the WORLD the GPS Measurement [or Topo Data Base] is being used.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.....

Antenna Simulations, Overload Calculations, etc:

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@holl_ands , it's not a network issue, it's a Bell issue.

At least the issue discussed in this thread is a Bell issue. It's a new occurrence, within the past several weeks, and it's consistent across channels on both my 9242s.

So... you guys/gals aren't alone in facing this annoying hiccup!
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post #35 of 58 (permalink) Old 2018-02-15, 09:00 AM
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Actually I've noticed this since before Christmas...and it extends to my 9400 as well as my 9242's.

This may be a Network thing...not sure.
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It can't be a network issue because it happens on EVERY channel.
If all the networks are doing something incorrect, then Bell should start doing the same to match.
Doesn't Bell have some kind of command center where people are watching all the channels and surely they must see all these programs starting 10 seconds before the clock hits the hour mark.
Or maybe they no longer care about satellite and they have nobody monitoring activity.
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It's got to be a Bell Receiver problem. Bell has to probably update its software to fix the time on the clock. I have a 6400 Receiver and the time is slow. Today after 3 years of working my Bose Solo 15 remote does not work with bell satellite receiver. Tried all the codes for bell satellite none of them work. I called Bose and they couldn't program my Bose remote to work my Bell Satellite Receiver.

The guy from Bose told me that Bell probably upgraded the software on my receiver and now my Bose remote won't work on my Bell Satellite 6400 Receiver.
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post #38 of 58 (permalink) Old 2018-02-15, 03:26 PM
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@cyclist44 : A reboot should fix the time if that's really the problem. I doubt that a receiver upgrade would make any difference. Bell hasn't offered a receiver upgrade for quite some time. What version number does your receiver show and do you know if it has changed recently?

Frankly the answer you got from Bose sounds to me more like a brushoff than a sincere attempt to help you.
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post #39 of 58 (permalink) Old 2018-04-17, 09:27 AM
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Not sure what happened but my receivers have all been fixed...all the shows are starting and ending on time now.

This started last weekend.
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post #40 of 58 (permalink) Old 2018-04-18, 08:53 AM
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@dm_4u : By any chance did you check your software version# on your receiver? I'm wondering if the fix was via a software upgrade?
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My guess is Bell has a time server at the satellite up-link that drifted by a few seconds. Maybe there was a task that stopped running that was responsible for syncing with a master time server. Once they reset that, all the receivers would be corrected.
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post #42 of 58 (permalink) Old 2018-04-18, 09:29 AM
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You're probably right Dr. Dave...because only my 9400 had a software update yet all 4 of my receivers (2x9242 and a 6100) are fixed.
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Well. My 9242 is still out by about 5 seconds. I asked about the software version because I'm on V342 and was wondering if there had been an update.
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As the OP for this thread I am also happy to report that my 9241 is now in perfect time sync with program starts.

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I notice now that my programs seem to cut off just before they end instead of just starting the next program.
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