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Bell Satellite Could Be Phased Out Soon? (not true)

It looks like Bell Satellite could be phased out very soon. I read yesterday in my local paper that BCE Inc. will begin a fully wireless television IPTV service this month. This month BCE will launch a wireless box for the service. This will reduce installation time to 30 minutes and give customers greater flexibility with where they place the box at home. BCE has had a net loss of 33,154 Satellite subscribers.

Clarification by Dr.Dave: There won't be any effect on Bell Satellite TV. Bell will have a wireless PVR and set-top boxes for their Fibe IPTV customers. Fibe TV will still require either a fibre-optic or copper wire connection to the residence to deliver the TV signal. See posts 6 and 8 for more detail.

Last edited by Dr.Dave; 2016-08-07 at 02:25 PM. Reason: clarification
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Fully wireless?

Their Fibe TV currently has wireless slave units.

How do any of the units get the iPTV Service, from a Router?

Why would this phase out Sat Service?

In remote parts of Canada I doubt you will get any kind of Internet capable of iPTV Services of any kind.
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This does make some sense. Wireless carriers have an excess of bandwidth in rural areas. Residents in those areas would benefit the most from things like wireless TV over LTE. Bell may launch a wireless TV service for areas that are well served by LTE. Unfortunately, Bell doesn't even have the capacity for wireless internet in all areas since they abandoned their plans to roll it out. The infrastructure for a Bell TV replacement service does not presently exists so it will not happen soon.
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As much as Bell & Shaw D are suffering with outdated & old equipment they are only hurting themselves by not updating like the rest of the providers in Canada, focusing on Fibe that is available to 2 provinces if we are lucky seems like a good way for Bell to shoot themselves in the foot. You'd think that they would want to be on the cutting edge of technology with Satellite service(which is very easy to achieve thanks to the H3), but unless these new wireless boxes can be used coast to coast I don't see Satellite going away just yet.
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I have a hard time beliving satellite will be phased out very soon. There are quite a few ppl I know who live in areas not serviced by Bell Fibe, so satellite providers like Shaw and Bell are the only thing available to them at this time. I know Bell offers wireless receivers for its IPTV service this is old news but fully wireless?? Fully wireless can mean anything. I have not heard of that secondly we do not know what they mean by that, will it work over cellular (LTE), or will it run over public wifi? Or will it be a different protocol/technology? I dont think neither of these will be as reliable nor robust as its current wireless IPTV service. Care to enlighten us on what technology they might use and if so what are the benefits? I can already watch live bell tv on my tablet when im in a hotel or coffee shop or travelling, but if im having quality issues Bell can not guarentee reliable signal because im using someone elses network to stream to my tablet. Will this also be the case with the "Fully Wireless" thing u mentioned?
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Eliminating Bell satellite would effectively double Shaw Direct's customer base. Shaw Direct would be the only reliable way for truly rural Canadians to receive multiple TV channels. Internet speeds are too slow for HDTV (especially to 2 or 3 TVs) in most of these communities. Good news for Shaw!
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@cyclist44 I found the same story in the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal earlier. (The article is by The Canadian Press.) The article wasn't well-written and you jumped to a giant conclusion. All Bell is doing is introducing a wireless Fibe PVR to complement their existing wireless Fibe STBs, allowing everything to communicate to the router without installing any cabling. This won't change Bell satellite.

Here's what Bell actually said in their press release:
Fibe innovation: wireless 4K PVR, powerful new Home Hub
Delivering TV and Internet features available from no one else has been key to Bell's growing leadership in the residential marketplace. This month, Bell will deliver 2 new products that sharpen our broadband innovation edge further still. Bell will be the first TV provider in the world to offer a completely wireless IPTV installation with the wireless 4K PVR for Fibe TV. With the flexibility to locate Fibe TV anywhere in your home with minimal install time, the Fibe 4K PVR will also be the first in Canada to integrate the 4K Netflix app. Also available this month is the Home Hub 3000 modem, featuring a throughput capability of 1 gigabit per second and 3 times the power of the current Home Hub model, providing the fastest and broadest home Wi-Fi coverage available.
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This all fine and dandy, but if you can't receive 4K in your neighborhood, these new boxes and service won't mean a thing to those that have Bell Sat or Bell Fibe. Until all of Bell subs can receive 4K service all these new receivers won't mean a thing to the majority of Bell Fibe subscribers or Sat subscribers?

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That is the same with any new technology out there MCIBUS, only the few can get it initially. 4K is OK, that is what it should be called IMHO, as the content is not there yet, so it is not a big deal.

Need 4K content, that is cheap enough then will come 4K STB's, bought by many, not just a few, then we can all enjoy the High Picture Quality of pimples on faces, not just the few.

So, this thread is, as I expected, wrong, time to lock it out, there have to be other threads about 4K, Bell vs Shaw and Fibe Wireless STB's......

Move along, just another scare story about Bell TV.
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Thanks Dr.Dave for posting that snippet and other members as well. I had a feeling the op misinterpreted the news article and am happy that satellite aint going no where. All it basically stated was the PVR (4k) will now become wireless too, where as before it needed to be hardwired to the modem. This is what they mean by "fully wireless" I stand correct.
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There will be sat customer losses as cable reaches more and more rural people. We have a few thousand homes spread out over many miles and Shaw is offering us 150Mbps internet. So the satellite users here are disappearing. But as said a bit above, nothing to do with the linked story.
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Originally Posted by cyclist44 View Post
As described, this wireless IPTV product will use wi-fi over a high speed internet connection. A high speed Bell FTTN or FTTH connection will be required, as for Fibe TV. This wireless product will probably be s step down for current Fibe TV customers as it could cause congestion on their wi-fi and LAN. It won't affect the Bell TV satellite product as there are still many Canadians who don't have Fibe internet, even in Bell's service area, and many more outside Bell's service area who cannot.
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To amplify on exdilbert's comment, I live just a few kms. from the capital of PEI and I can't get fibe from Bell Aliant. Those of you who live in larger centres may get a false idea of how widespread 4K tech. is when in fact it isn't. I doubt that it ever will be a major player simply because it offers an only incremental improvement over standard HD and is just a placeholder on the way to even higher resolutions.

It's the same for those of you who advocate OTA and cable cutting. Unless you live in S. Ontario and maybe S. BC, there simply aren't enough OTA channels available to make OTA either practical or desirable. It too is a non-starter.
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Here is the link to the Canadian Press article that appeared in The Brandon Sun and my local newspaper. This is the article that prompted my starting this thread.

This is the link: BCE plans wireless IPTV launch this month, reports steady second quarter profit - Brandon Sun
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