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Originally Posted by Redrobbie View Post
We are trying to hook up our receiver at our Florida home.
You can't receive Bell TV (sat) in Florida since 2012. See post 1 of this thread regarding BellTV and Shaw Direct.

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Bell changed the satellite transmission pattern several years ago. You can't get signal more the couple of hundred miles south of the border.
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Does anybody have any idea of expected Bell signal strengths in the southern province of Massachusetts these days? (We're ~300 miles by road from Montreal, and ~ 60 miles further south (latitude-wise) than London, Ontario.

When I first put up my 20" ExpressVu dish to pick up 82W and 91W in December 2007, I had the following summary values from my transponder readings:
82W: Average: 76, Range: 61-92
91W: Average: 89, Range: 82-96

The dish is about to come down for the building to be resided. I took another look at the readings today before the dish is removed, to get baseline values for when I repoint it after the work:
82W: Average: 68, Range: 54-77
91W: Average: 70, Range: 65-75

Readings were both done on clear, sunny days.

I know in the intervening years, the 91W satellites have been replaced with new ones that have tighter footprints. I thought Nimiq4 at 82W was still providing those signals, or has it been replaced/added-to also?

I mostly use 82W now as everything I watch is a HD channel (even when watching on a remote SD TV). The minimum tps aren't much lower on 82W, but the maximum has come down a long way. I don't expect to be impervious to rain-fade in this location, but it has gotten worse over the years. Do dishes slowly go slightly out of alignment, or is this about the best I can expect with the current setup and current satellite footprints? Presumably, I should optimize on 82W when I repoint it, at the expense of 91W?

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I would be considering 2 x Dish's. With a DP Dual on each one. Then feed both lines from each into a DPP44 switch, that will give you 4 outputs, each capable of running a Dual Tuner if you add a DPP Seperator. Maybe a 75cm or bigger dish for each ?
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Hi Allan B, I wanted to revisit my post from December (#242). There was a lot going on at that time with the house under major renovation, so I forgot to respond.

I am still dealing with lower the optimal signal. The dish was put back up by the siding workers after the renovation, and it was miraculously aimed pretty well. But since then it has been bumped again by later workers, so signal is now ~ 5-10 pts lower on each transponder than immediately after the construction. Even on a sunny day, some tps are in the 50's, and signal can drop in and out. I improved it slightly myself with vertical and horizontal corrections, but didn't touch the skew.

I should have added that I don't want to change the hardware. I have a DirecTV dish on the house too, and don't want a third. Its also a secondary TV option, so I don't want to spend much more money.

Is there a way to optimize 82 at the expense of 91? If I didn't need 91 for guide data, I'd take the DPP Quad LNB off and put a single LNB on and aim at 82 only, as I only need the HD channels.

I found the following (pasted in below) in the dish pointing thread in the hardware forum; but feel I effectively did this today (given only 1 line runs from the LNB to the receiver) and got 62 and 76 on tp 15 and 16 respectively. (91 tp 11 is 73 now - but I'd take 60 if I can get the 82 tps into the 70's and 80's)



To find 82
1. Disconnect the sat cable from receiver, do a Check Switch test
2. the test will fail. The receiver will say you have fewer satellites, say YES when it asks if you want to SAVE the new test result.
3. at the dish, disconnect the 82 cable from your switch, and connect the 82 cable directly to the cable going in the house.
4. reconnect the satellite cable to the receiver
5. go to the signal strength screen, select Satellite 82, Transponder 15 or 16
6. adjust the dish until you find 82. Get the strength as close to 100% as possible, tighten the nuts.
7. reconnect the switch. If its an SW21, connect the 91 cable to Dish 1, and the 82 cable to Dish 2.
8. run another Check Switch test, and hopefully both sats will be there.
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Well, you obviously have a Dish designed for reception of both 91 & 82, as you have a DPP Quad, so the only thing I can think of immediately would be to remove this Dish (51cm) and replace with a 75cm or bigger if possible and for the LNBF use a DP Dual, then aim at just 82.

You would as you say, loose the Guide Data, as that is now on 91.

The bigger Dish, would give better signal levels as it is optimized for just 1 Sat, not the current 2 Sat version.

There is somewhere some information about using a DirecTv or Dish Network Oval Dish, that is bigger than the Bell version, so that might be worth a search on Google, perhaps.

I know you don't really want to swap Hardware but as you need more signal, that's all I can suggest, unless a cheap In-Line Signal Amp would lift you just enough?

Only other thing is to ensure you have very good RG6, of if a longer run, even RG11.
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Hi Allan, thanks for the quick reply.

I have some old 20dB and 10db inline amplifiers used with cable-TV routing over long distances in the past. Would they work, or do I need an amp with different frequency range for the satellite signals? The cable run from dish to receiver is only about 20 feet, and the only break is a connector at a wall face-plate. Could that cause any issues? Oh - may have it going thru a surge protector too - need to check on that.

Perhaps the 75cm dish is the way to go in the future. Looking for a quick fix first tho. We're in Boston, where DirecTV and the local NBC affiliate are in a carriage dispute, so NBC is blacked out for us on DirecTV during this large 4-yearly sports event currently on. My wife is not happy. Should be easy to watch NBCE on channel 1200 on the Bell receiver, but its carried on one of the 82 transponders that's sitting at 52-57% for me, so the picture drops out from time to time even on a good weather day. (I assume trying the NBCE channel in the 800-range wouldn't make any difference?) I'll try an inline amp and/or by-passing the surge protector - even a 5% lift would be good.

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The in-line Amps would almost certainly have too low a frequency, but nothing ventured nothing gained.....

The 800 range are just mirrors, so no difference.

There is/was a Triple Beam Dish (75cm), that would be perfect for you with 2 x DP LNBF's but finding one would not be easy.
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