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Gray-Hoverman Antenna Performance

Seeing is believing, so let's examine some of the test result diagrams of Gray-Hoverman design variants, paired with similar class commercial-brand competitors for comparison. We've chosen as benchmarks the highly regarded Channel Master 4221 4-Bay Reflector UHF Antenna and its bigger sibling, the 4228 8-Bay Reflector UHF Antenna, which is generally considered to be the best commercially made consumer antenna available for reception in North America.

As has been mentioned above, the North American spectrum of UHF Television channels will span 14 through 51 in the coming years. Thus, performance on channels above 51 was not deemed to be an important focus of our research and design resources.

For analysis by any NEC modeling software, the voltage source that drives the antenna model under test must be located at exactly the center of the antenna's feed point.

SBGH Modelling Error Corrected

It has been discovered that for the SBGH ez modeling files depicted below, the voltage source had a small offset. The major effect of this modeling error was to produce a single minor asymmetrical lobe in the SBGH polar plots at frequencies above 600 Mhz up to the upper design frequency of 700Mhz., with the max minor lobe occurring at 670Mhz.

New SBGH plots with the corrected Vsource are now provided here. You will note that there are now two symmetrical minor lobes, as is expected when the antenna feed-point is driven exactly at the center. There is very slight effect on net gain. The correct voltage source shows slightly more gain at the lower frequencies. There is almost no change in the Swr.

The DBGH files had the correct location of the voltage source from the beginning and do not have any known errors.

    Single Bay Gray-Hoverman (SBGH) vs. Channel Master 4221 4-Bay Reflector UHF Antenna:

    SBGH vs. CM4221
vs. CM4221
    SBGH vs. 

    SBGH vs. Several Commercial UHF Antennas:

    SBGH vs. 

    DBGH vs. CM4228:

    DBGH vs. 

    Single Bay Gray-Hoverman (SBGH) Corrected Graphics:

Polar Plots
Polar Plots

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