3 Best Space Heater Brands of 2017 to Keep You Warm This Fall

Here are some of the best-rated brands, when looking at space heaters.

The Best Smart Fans to Help You Keep Your Cool

Smart fans make things easier, when it comes to cooling off, be it a ceiling fan, desk fan or one that clips onto your phone.

How to Make the Most of Google in a Canadian Home

Using Google to perform searches on the Internet or a Pixel phone is a daily basic for many Canadians. Google is constantly working at expanding its products and some of its most recent ones are now available north of the border and coming soon. Here’s all about Google Wi-Fi and Google Home and how to […]

New Brilliant Control Smart Home Panel Makes Home Automation Easier and More Affordable

If you’ve been thinking of investing in smart home appliances and solutions, but you weren’t sure how you could control it all at home, check out this new invention. Brilliant Control is a smart home panel- or rather, a ‘smart lighting solution’- that’s been created by Brilliant, a new company co-founded by Aaron Emigh and […]

Will Japan’s Robot Revolution Find Its Way Into Your Home?

CNN’s Will Ripley give us a peek into Japan’s robot revolution—and what he finds might just be the future of robots in the homes of the world.

5 Things to Know About Google Assistant

Google Assistant is coming to Pixel phones and Google Home.

Videotron Joins Forces With Others to Create Canada’s First Open-Air Smart Living Lab

Videotron, Ericsson, École de technologie supérieure and the Quartier de l’innovation (QI) have announced the creation of Canada’s first open-air smart living laboratory.

Canadians Hunger for Smarter Homes as Technology Increases

Smart home technology is being increasingly sought out by Canadians.

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