Dialpad is About to ‘Kill the Desk Phone’ in Canada

Taking a call but need to go? Dialpad lets you transfer it seamlessly to your cell phone, and more.

This week, Dialpad announced the launch of its business communications service in Canada, along with the opening of the company’s newest office, located in Vancouver, B.C.

Founded by Craig Walker, someone who grew up in Cupertino, California just a handful of doors down from Steve Jobs, the company offers cloud-based communication solutions for businesses.

What’s it all about? Basically, when you use Dialpad’s phone system you are no longer tied to your desk on a landline or having to switch between devices for a conference call, or to search for a colleague’s work information.

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The system’s user interface allows you to move seamlessly between devices mid-call, so that you can pick the call up on your mobile phone, tablet or web browser with the click of a button.

The system also conveniently pools all your communication tools in one place: things like instant messaging, sms, HD audio calling, group messaging and video calling.

Users no longer need to memorize personal extensions to reach colleagues, and can easily pull up relevant information on a LinkedIn profile, when making a call. Much-used apps like your calendar and email are also at your fingertips within the system.

Feedback and WiFi

How about analytics? Real-time tracking allows you to measure various aspects of your system use.

The overall result of using Dialpad is that you can easily stay connected with fellow employees and outside callers, wherever you are, without hassle.

As an extra bonus, Dialpad works across both WiFi and carrier networks, potentially saving your business some cash.

Potential drawbacks? Being out of the loop in a power outage, possible system glitches and the fact that your boss may be able to monitor your calling habits more so than before. Users may also have fewer excuses for missing a call or connection while out of the office, but it is possible to flick the switch to ‘unavailable’.

For more information, check Dialpad out online.

Photo credits: NicoElNino/Shutterstock


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