10 Best Fitness and Weight Loss Apps


New Year’s resolutions: apparently only some of us make them and successfully keep them. But there is always the old saying, “if you don’t succeed, try and try again!”

So, here are some choices to up your chances and find something to help you succeed that suits both you and your fitness style.

Here are 10 top fitness apps as rated by menshealth.com, digitaltrends.com and PCmag.com:

1) Johnson and Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout App


What: “A Scientific, Personalized Fitness Experience in 7 Minute Intervals. “-Google Play

Type: Apple App Store, Google Play

Cost: Free

The Good: “Quick ‘anywhere’ workout tailored to your fitness level”-pcmag.com

“…can help you break a quick sweat at an intensity level that’s right for you.”-pcmag.com

The Bad: “Unable to do more than 1 cycle in the Smart Workout… The App closes after the first cycle… Very frustrating…” –reviewer, Google Play

2) Jefit


What: Personalized workout routines, click and record training logs, analyze workout data. #1 data-driven workout app on the market.

Type: Apple App Store, Google Play,

Cost: Free

The Good: “Love this app, you can customize your workout, or choose one of their many options for workout regimes based on your goals (cutting fat, bulking muscle etc).

And it syncs my workout after each time, meaning I don’t have to write down notes or try to remember how much weight I was using for a particular workout.”- reviewer, App Store

The Bad: “Lets you enter workout data. No way to export this data for analysis and the visualization options within the app are very minimal.

User interface is somewhat convoluted and requires too many unnecessary taps just to enter your weights and reps.”-Sam Grinter, Google Play

3) Sworkit


What: Personalize workout videos. “Choose from strength, cardio, yoga and stretching, or choose one of our guided workout plans to make you “Leaner”, “Fitter” or “Stronger”.”-App Store

Type: App Store, Google Play

Cost: Free

The Good: “It’s so easy. You can customize workouts (how many you can depends on if you’re premium). You can change the time so that it fits into your schedule.

You can also create your own workouts depending on your skill level, and the things you want in a good workout.”-reviewer, iTunes

The Bad: “After 3mins Videos malfunction, screen goes black, workout stop. Seems like a very good thing, otherwise.”-Timothy Barbarino, Google Play

4) Fitstar Personal Trainer


What: Personalized workout videos. “Workout anytime, anywhere with FitStar Personal Trainer.”- iTunes

Type: App Store, Google Play, online

Cost: Free

The Good: “Adjusts to my weaknesses and strengths and lets me be my shy self and train from my own home. Love it!” –reviewer, iTunes

The Bad: “I am enjoying the workouts, but where’s the warm up and cool down. I just did a workout that ended with jumping jacks! A cool down and stretch is very impor9to help prevent soreness and injury.”- Rachel Peters, Google Play

5) Chartiy Miles


What: Run and walk tracker. “Charity Miles is a walking, running and biking tracker app that tracks how many miles you’ve covered during your workout. Plus, using Charity Miles also earns money for charity on your behalf for every mile you move, via brand workout sponsors like Humana, Johnson & Johnson and Chobani!”- iTunes

Type: App Store, Google Play

Cost: Free

The Good: “I’ve never been more motivated to exercise. It’s good for me and others. Ever since I found it, I shared it with everyone I know!”-reviewer, iTunes

The Bad: “All of my other trackers are always on. This one turns itself off. I don’t always remember to turn it on so my charities are losing because of the poor app design.” Cheryl Faye Schwartz, Google Play

 6) Lose It!


What: Weight loss app. “Lose It! helps you set a daily calorie budget, track your food and exercise, and stay motivated to make smarter choices and achieve your goal.”- Loseit.com

Type: App Store, Google Play

Cost: Free

The Good: “I’ve never been able to keep weight off this long and still be losing. It’s like a game. You aim to get under calories and you can see on the scale you’re losing weight.” –reviewer, Google Play

The Bad: “Used to be good Ads now take up most of the screen. I don’t mind ads on a free app but this is way too much. Makes the app useless.”- Michael Roper, Google Play

7) Cyclemeter


What: Cycling app. “Cyclemeter is the most advanced application for cyclists ever designed for a mobile device. Built from the ground up for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iCloud, it makes your iPhone a powerful fitness computer — with maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans and more.”- iTunes

Type: App Store

Cost: Free

The Good: “I have an hour bike commute each way and LOVE data. This app works perfectly with the Apple Watch heart rate monitor, and allows you to share the activity with other platforms easily, and includes your heart rate.”- reviewer, iTunes

The Bad: “The interface takes a little getting used to when you pause, stop, and end an activity, they could refine this a bit. Also, make sure you give the Watch and phone time to sync up at the end (5-10 sec) before just hitting stop and done. It can make it hang, or only register part of the activity.”-reviewer, iTunes

8) My Fitness Pal


What: All purpose weight loss tool. Keep track of the food you eat, the activity you do, and more.

Type: App Store, Google Play, online

Cost: Free

The Good: “I got this app because I was having ACL reconstruction surgery and wanted a way to stay in decent shape.

It’s amazing because it gives you a certain level of accountability and keeps your conscience in check. The ability to scan Barcodes is God sent.

Also some of my meals are not staple American dishes and lo and behold I can search for it and estimate. I have zero regrets. Thanks UA.”- reviewer, Google Play

Recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my nutritionist suggested this app. It is amazing how it’s helped me plan my meals and keep my diet on track. This app is simply the best!

Over 175 straight days on this app and it continues to help me keep track of everything. I even add a food note to enter my blood glucose reading every morning. I really don’t know what I would have done without this app.”- reviewer, Google Play

The Bad: “It (the app) used to be about the user, it wasn’t commercialized, it wasn’t about money, it was about your health.

Now every time I get on I’m pestered about upgrading to premium, shown so many distracting ads through my own feed that it really makes me sad to see what greed does.

Also, being shown cheesy casserole recipes, fattening dishes of all sorts in the feed is not helping any dieter.”

9) Fitocracy


What: Fitness tracker and bodybuilding/ strength app.

Type: App Store, Google Play, online

Cost: Free

The Good: “I use it every day at the gym to record my workouts and to get in touch with my Fito friends. The app helps me continue motivated and helps me motivate other people. I highly recommend it. I really don’t get any bugs in the app. I suppose people who get them might be having virus issues, low memory problems in their phones or even internet connection problems. It is fantastic for me and I am a heavy user.”- reviewer, Google Play

The Bad: “No updates in over a year and the Android app is still broken: can’t add advanced info to exercises like pull ups (crashes app). I’d be willing to pay a few bucks a month if it meant they kept the app working, since it’s a decent little tracker when it works.”- reviewer, Google Play

10) Fitbit


What: General Fitness app

Type: App Store, Google Play

Cost: Free

The Good: “I love my Fitbit Flex 2. It is so easy to use and helps get me moving. I am tracking everything and it is very helpful and interesting. The best part is my boyfriend has one too and now he walks with me. Sometimes at night we both walk the dog so we can get our steps in. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is it doesn’t keep my heart rate.”- reviewer, Google Play

The Bad: “It won’t sync Since a couple updates or so whenever the new dashboard came out. My fitbit won’t sync to my phone it keeps popping up that it can find my fitbit,” reviewer, Google Play

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