Samsung 4K HDR TVs, LG 4K HDR Monitors and Blackberry Phones Coming in 2017


Looking for new devices? Check out CES- Las Vegas’ giant tech show. Here are a few highlights:

The giant annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is coming to Las Vegas January 5th-8th, 2017.

From 3D printing to beauty tech, cyber security, wearables and robotics, the show covers it all.

Much awaited inventions will take the stage, and among these (rumor has it,) will be Samsung’s new TVs, cutting edge LG monitors and new Blackberry branded smartphones.


Samsung has reportedly filed for three new trademarks, ‘HDR 1500’, ‘Q HDR’ and ‘Real Black’, and is expected to launch a new class of 4K HDR TVs with the name, ‘QLED’.

‘QLED’ stands for quantum dot LEDs. It’s not the first time you may have heard of it, as the term was first developed by QD Vision, now owned by Samsung. That being said, if the TVs hit the shelves, it will be a first for consumers.


LG is also set to unveil products with 4K HDR abilities, and will be introducing new 4K HDR monitors. The monitors will be aimed at gamers, creative professionals and “anyone else that takes image quality seriously.”

Consumers will enjoy screens that come in 32-inch UHD 4K quality (model 32UD99) with 3840 x 2160 pixels, and furthermore, support the HDR10 standard.


For its part, Blackberry will also have something new to talk about.  A Chinese company will be unveiling new smartphones bearing the company’s brand.

According to reports, TCL Communication Technology Holdings Ltd. will be introducing the phones, which will begin a new chapter for Blackberry as it sells phones in collaboration with a third party.

The smartphones are said to be code named Mercury, and are expected to come with the traditional Blackberry keyboard, which fans will love.

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