Rogers Launches Public Cloud for Businesses, Offering Lower Computing and Storage Costs

Earlier this month, Rogers Communications launched Rogers Public Cloud, a new data sovereign, cloud infrastructure ‘as-a-service’ (IaaS) solution.

The service gives businesses the tools to securely manage critical data, applications, servers, systems software and network resources over the internet.

According to Rogers, it could potentially can save a business hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital

“As Canadian businesses produce and consume more data than ever before, many are looking to reduce pressure on IT teams and resources by moving to a cloud environment, however most solutions offered today are complex and cannot scale quickly enough to meet their needs,” said Nitin Kawale, President, Enterprise Business Unit, Rogers Communications.

“Unlike other cloud computing options in the market, Rogers Public Cloud offers customers a simple, data sovereign and cost effective way to manage their IT. This will ultimately free up time and resources so they can focus on their business.”

Rogers Public Cloud gives customers access to computing and storage space in a shared cloud environment. Customers manage this virtual IT environment through a single web portal and have access to 24 x 7 support. To deliver this solution, Rogers has partnered with OVH, the European leader of cloud and Internet infrastructure.

The service offers:

  • Data securely stored in Canada: OVH operates a world-class data centre facility in Canada which keeps customer data in Canada, and complies with data sovereignty requirements.
  • Customizable storage and compute options: Customers can access a number of cloud compute and storage options based on their needs. Users can add or remove computing and storage space, monitor capacity, IP addresses and access real-time data through a single web portal.
  • Cyber-secured data managed 24 x 7: Rogers Public Cloud will be managed 24 x 7 by a team of dedicated sovereign, bilingual professionals based in Canada.
  • Lower computing and storage costs for customers: Rogers Public Cloud is hosted in OVH’s Canadian data centre. It uses 30 per cent outside air cooling and 70 per cent liquid cooling, which reduces electricity required to power the facilities. This ultimately results in lower monthly costs for customers.

Rogers Public Cloud builds on Rogers existing capabilities in cloud computing and data centre operations. As of today, Rogers operates 17 data centres across Canada, including the most Tier III certified data centres in the country.

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