Top Five iPhone Apps of 2015

Apps abound. Here are 5 of the top apps of 2015 for your iPhone, as suggested by

1) Google Maps


This app was once included in the purchase of an iPhone, but is now an add-on and needs to be downloaded from the app store. Easy to use, it’s guaranteed (or, almost), to keep you from getting lost by providing turn-by-turn instructions on how to get where you’re going.

2) Google Translate


If you’re traveling or find yourself amongst family and friends who converse in a language you are still learning, this is a great app for you! It’s pretty accurate-not perfect, but for a digital application, it does a great job and can get you a lot further faster than flipping the dictionary.

3) Flixster


Movies, ratings, plot summaries, show times and the chance to buy tickets: what more could you ask for? If you’re stuck in traffic or on the subway, you can always purchase a movie and watch it right inside the app. Service.

4) Wikipedia


Yes, they have an app. If you need to know what type of volcanic rock spewed from Mount Vesuvius and covered Pompeii in the year AD 79, in the middle of a vigorous Friday night conversation, you will need this app. It can tell you. It might be pulverized pumice. But you can check.

5) Evernote Scannable


Free and easy to use, this app quickly scans stacks of business cards, or anything written down using your smartphone’s camera. Keep your desk clear and never have to say you lost a card again.

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