Telus Raises Device Unlocking Fee Starting July 7th

Come July 7th, expect pay quite a bit more if you want Telus to unlock your device.

Mobile Syrup obtained the following statement from a Telus spokesperson confirming the news:

“TELUS will be increasing its device unlock fee to $50 effective July 7. We apologize for the inconvenience but made the change because the cost to provide this service is higher than we originally anticipated.”

Currently, the fee to unlock a device with the company is a more reasonable $35, but by tomorrow that will all have changed with the new price coming into effect.

The fee hike now puts Telus in line with Bell and Rogers, who also charge $50 for the service.

The Canadian Wireless Code of Conduct states that carriers must unlock any device upon request when the device has been fully paid for, or 90 days after the start of a 2-year contract.

The moral of the story? If you’ve been thinking of getting your Telus device unlocked, today is the day to do it (before rates go up!)


[Source: Mobile Syrup}


One Response to “Telus Raises Device Unlocking Fee Starting July 7th”
  1. Andyy5 says:

    “The cost to provide this service is higher than we originally anticipated.”

    I’ve worked for a large Cell Phone Company and on most modern phones, unlocking is as simple as calling, getting a code and entering it in on the phone. It’s not anybody has to physically do anything, The agent simply looks at the service they have running with all the unlock codes, finds yours, and gives it to you.

    They intentionally put the lock in place to begin with to lock users to their service (all cell companies do) then they make it seem like a Service that needs to be provided to you to unlock it.

    It would be the same as if your car had a lock put on their code reader so that only that dealerships mechanics could diagnose your car, no other mechanics, and if you wanted to take your car to a different garage that you trust, you have to pay $1000 to have your code reader unlocked.