Rogers, Shaw lose over 200,000 cable customers in past year

More and more Canadians are moving away from traditional cable TV subscriptions, according to a new report.

Rogers and Shaw both released their quarterly earnings reports last week, and the news is pretty grim: between the two of them, they’ve shed almost 200,000 cable subscribers in the past year.

Rogers lost some 111,000 TV customers, equal to about 5 per cent of their TV subscription base.

Shaw isn’t doing much better. They lost 82,000 cable and 6,600 satellite subscribers over the same period.

According to the Huffington Post, these stats, if typical, would indicate that nearly one in 20 Canadian households have gotten rid of their cable TV subscriptions in the past year.

While both companies were able to offset their losses with a rise in internet subscribers (51,000 for Rogers and 71,000 for Shaw), they seem to see the writing on the wall: The two unlikely collaborators announced in August that they would be joining forces to launch ‘shomi’, a new video-on-demand streaming service set to go head-to-head with Netflix. At $8.99 per month, even the pricing is the same.

Shomi is set to launch a beta version of its service for Rogers and Shaw customers in November, with Canada-wide service to follow.

Have you ditched your cable TV subscription in favour of online streaming? Will you subscribe to shomi when it makes it public debut? Discuss in our Television Industry forums.


Source: Huffington Post


8 Responses to “Rogers, Shaw lose over 200,000 cable customers in past year”
  1. None says:

    Not all are cord cutters, a lot of those could be competitive loses to Bell and Telus.

    • Unknown says:

      One could say that Bell Fibe gained almost 500,000 new customers in the last couple of years, so it may be that 200,000 are rogers and shaw customers and almost 300,000 are returning cord cutters.

  2. Dave Jenkins says:

    I’m surprised it isn’t more. I know so many cord cutters personally (a lot have come to be for advice on how to watch things via other methods, namely online, but also some via an OTA antenna).

  3. joe says:

    Maybe people don’t like those nice Motorola cable box. hint hint

  4. Tim says:

    Maybe they will get the point and LOWER their dang prices. If the prices were actually FAIR most people would not cut the cord. But greedy companies think raising the price and charging outrageous prices gets them ahead. We shall see about that!

    • BingoRingo says:

      They know that a fair percentage of the population will stay with them and keep paying, no matter how expensive it is.

      The real competitor for cable TV is Fibe TV, not exactly a good deal either.

  5. customer says:

    Shaw should fire their middle management. Several months ago they cut channels from long term customers(14 years for us) without notice . “If you want the channel back its another 13.00” Shaw answer to us. So now we are Telus customers.

  6. wideband says:

    These are the companies customers love to hate. It is small wonder that a consumer revolt over their high charges, nickel and dimeing, bundling, throttllng, low usage caps and poor speeds compared with what is available in other countries, long contracts, and general arrogance has not occurred earlier.