Bell still fastest ISP in Canada; Rogers makes huge gains, says Netflix

by Christina Peden

Bell is still on top when it comes to ISP speeds, but Rogers is certainly gaining on them, at least according Netflix Canada’s monthly ISP rankings.

Bell`s fiber optic service offers speeds of 3.29 Mbps.

The rankings, which were released earlier this week, also show Telus in dead last amongst Canada’s major internet providers.

The last numbers released by Netflix had Rogers sitting in 12th place out of 14 ISPs. At the time, Rogers pledged that they would work to improve their network speeds across the country, and it seems they’ve made good on that promise — they now sit 7th place with speeds of 3.01 Mbps.

While Telus has never ranked particular high in the speed standings, Rogers’ network improvements now put Telus at the bottom of the ladder, at least in terms of the major players. They’re currently ranked 10th out of 18 Canadian ISPs with speeds of 2.89 Mbps, bested by providers like Shaw, TekSavvy, Sasktel and Videtron.


See below for the complete list of ISP rankings:

  1. Bell Canada (Fiber Optic) — 3.29 Mbps
  2. MTS (Fiber Optic) — 3.20 Mbps
  3. Bell Alliant (Fiber Optic) — 3.20 Mbps
  4. Shaw — 3.13 Mbps
  5. Videotron — 3.08 Mbps
  6. Sasktel (Fiber Optic) — 3.04 Mbps
  7. Rogers — 3.01 Mbps
  8. Eastlink (Cable) — 2.96 Mbps
  9. Teksavvy — 2.93 Mbps
  10. Telus — 2.89 Mbps
  11. Cogeco — 2.88 Mbps
  12. Distributel — 2.87 Mbps
  13. Bell Canada (DSL) — 2.69 Mbps
  14. Sasktel (DSL) — 2.33 Mbps
  15. MTS (DSL) — 2.24 Mbps
  16. Eastlink (DSL) — 2.17 Mbps
  17. Bell Aliant (DSL) — 1.99 Mbps
  18. Eastlink (Wireless) — 0.68 Mbps


Source: Netflix Canada

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