Results of Canada’s wireless spectrum auction announced

The government of Canada raised $5.27 billion as a result of the of the 700MHz spectrum auction, it has been announced.

The money was raised across 14 regions with eight participants including Quebecor, Bell, Rogers, Telus, MTS, and SaskTel.

Quebecor spent $233 million for prime spectrum in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, as well as Quebec with a total of 17 licenses in seven markets. Rogers spent $3.3 billion across 22 markets, Telus at $1.1 billion for 31 licenses, and Bell at $565.8 million for 31 licenses.

Rogers purchased in almost every eastern province with the exception of Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec, but were outbid by Telus in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Meanwhile, Bell strengthened its spectrum in the C block Eastern provinces and Southern Ontario and Telus acquired spectrum in areas of Alberta and British Columbia. Bragg, owners of Eastlink, purchased spectrum in the Maritimes and Northern Ontario.

Spectrum in Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut was acquired by Feenix Wireless with MTS and SaskTel both purchasing a block of spectrum in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, respectively.

With the purchase of the majority of wireless spectrum in in block A and B which consist of some of the most populated areas in Canada, Rogers further increases its wireless reach which had already surpassed both Bell and Telus.

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