Rdio Adds Free Mobile Music Streaming Service for iOS, Android

Drawing from 20 million tracks, Rdio has launched a free internet radio service in the US, Canada and Australia.

Now free on mobile to all iOS and Android users, Stations provides music from all of the artist, song, and 400 genre stations available on Rdio as well as You FM and Friend FM, which are personalized stations. And it’s ad free too!

Rdio, like similar services, hopes users eventually switch over to the $10 monthly subscription that allows you to select albums and songs directly.

Since launching in August, nearly 2.3 million stations have been created custom-tailored to user music preferences with station sharing included for Facebook, Twitter or other Rdio members.

Rdio has more station types than any other music service in the market, said Drew Larner, Rdio’s CEO.

“Station plays are up over 50 percent since our launch in August. We’re excited to make one of our most popular features available to everyone for free, forever,” he added.

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One Response to “Rdio Adds Free Mobile Music Streaming Service for iOS, Android”
  1. Jocelyn James says:

    Bout time. Been waiting for this. I wanted to try Rdio for awhile but didn’t feel like paying (I only use free like the free Pandora or torch music). Excited to give it a shot!