Tim Hortons Mobile App Simplifies Coffee Runs

Do you have trouble remembering everyone’s order on your daily Timmy Run?

Tim Hortons’ upgraded its mobile application, TimmyMe, to help you keep track of what’s left on your Tim Card and store beverage orders for up to 20 of your closest friends and co-workers.

The TimmyRun feature on the TimmyMe app lets you add 20 people to your coffee run, and will even email them when you’re heading over to Tim’s. But the guys and girls in the office only have a set amount of time to opt in to the coffee run and place an order. When you finally get to Tim Hortons, you have your final order recorded on the app.

“We are excited to give our guests further access to all of their favourite digital tools in one convenient spot. The result is less time getting the coffee and more time enjoying it,” Tim Hortons spokeswoman Linda Kosmack said.

TimmyMe also allows users to set a registered Tim Card’s reload frequency, check their Tim Card balance and give their cards a nickname directly on their mobile device.

TimmyMe is now available for download, free of charge, on iPhone and Android devices. A previous version of TimmyMe is also available for BlackBerry users, including the new BlackBerry 10.

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