Dell Canada & Fongo Add Free VoIP App for BlackBerry

Dell Canada and Fongo have teamed up to deliver a free mobile VoIP application, Dell Voice, for BlackBerry users.

The free to download Voice over IP app enables BlackBerry users to make local and long-distance calls for free and receive free calls using their existing data plans without using air-time minutes. Popular features such as Voicemail and Caller ID are included.

The announcement follows the successful launch of Dell Voice for Android and iOS smartphones in February, which boasts more than 130,000 Canadian users to date.

John Stix, CMO, Fongo notes: “Fongo’s aim is to deliver savings to BlackBerry users across Canada with our launch of Dell Voice for BlackBerry. BlackBerry enjoys significant market share in Canada and we are very pleased to complete our application on the top three largest platforms.”

Stix continues: “In our first 100 days on the iPhone platform, Dell Voice was downloaded to more than 4 percent of all iPhones in Canada. Knowing the importance of BlackBerry to the business community in this country, we expect adoption on it to be even stronger.”

Users should note that they can choose a local Canadian phone number for their Dell Voice for BlackBerry line, as well as place emergency VoIP 911 calls.

Dell Voice for BlackBerry can be downloaded for free at:

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4 Responses to “Dell Canada & Fongo Add Free VoIP App for BlackBerry”
  1. Mark D says:

    Awesome app! Blows Skype away.

  2. Julian says:

    Mobile monthly contracts are getting cheaper for local calls. They often offer hundreds of minutes to local numbers that people don’t use. Vyke offers a high quality and very competitive service over local access numbers. The quality is superb because it does not involve data connectivity and it still covers their unique billing per hour at only $0.15 per call to their VykeZone countries.
    Their system is pre-paid it is supported across all the popular smartphones OS.
    Vyke is a pioneer company in the VoIP market with a high expertise level.

    • Ags says:

      Thanks for the tip, I’ve already downloaded the Vyke app on my Galaxy and made a call! Worked alright, I think I will give up calling cards for once, and switch to that! 🙂

  3. Alastair Conroy says:

    there are lot of group calling apps out in the market but they all have different stories. skype charge to much for group calls. others don’t provide it for multiple users same time like oovoo and fring. just read about friendcaller who provide 7 way group video chat, is it true? here is the reference