NextBox™ 2.0 available in Ontario

Rogers announced today their new TV and home entertainment solution, called NextBox 2.0. The new offering essentially consists of three new feature sets:

* Whole Home PVR: Exactly as it sounds, this allows you to watch anything you have recorded on your PVR  on any other TV with a NextBox HD terminal. The rise in customers looking for a PVR solution has been over 40% in the last couple of years amongst Rogers users.

* Live TV: This lets you stream 22 channels (this channel list is expected to grow as Rogers negotiates deals with additional content providers) to your tablet (Android or iOS), allowing you to watch from anywhere you have WiFi in your home. This is not a stand alone service, you need to be subscribed to a Rogers NextBox package.

* New Interactive Program Guide: This program guide boasts quicker loading times, more intuitive search results, and graphics (DVD cover art for example) when going through Rogers on Demand options, trying to replicate the traditionally video store rental experience.

The Cisco HD PVR’s and HD Terminals that Rogers has been using for over the last 18 months (according to Rogers there are already more than 300,000 being used by existing clients) will work with the new service, so if you are interested in the service you can either call Rogers or use their website, the plans are here.

A couple of things we noticed, the pricing is different as it includes TV and Internet, so you will likely need to really break down you bill and take the time to compare features to see what you really need if you are going to upgrade. Most important to us, the service uses the existing digital cable infrastructure for TV, meaning watching TV while going on the Internet should not impact your experience with either.

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9 Responses to “NextBox™ 2.0 available in Ontario”
  1. dog says:

    Over the air + mediacenter + xbox360 + app on my tablet gives me all of this now, monthly cost: zero dollars. Too little too late Rogers.

    • Viking says:

      We agree with dog; our setup is similar…

      OTA antenna.
      Personal computer with Windows Media Center.
      Recorded programs can be streamed (wireless) to laptop.
      No monthly bills … ever.

      Ask about this at big box stores and you get … nothing.

    • DB says:

      While what you’re saying may be true (despite your obvious startup costs in purchasing your OTA dish and receiver(s), PC, mediacentre software, xbox360 and tablet, and monthly cost of your internet service), you may be missing the more obvious point.

      Telus, Bell and Shaw (I believe) already have whole-home PVR systems. It doesn’t take a marketing or product genius to realize that of course this had to be Rogers’ next step. Did you think they would take one on the chin and say ‘Aw shucks…we’re too late…let’s not bother’ ?

      Having had Telus’ Optik TV previously, I know that new systems like this have their issues out the gate, but eventually get ironed out….which can be said for absolutely everything that runs software in any capacity.

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    My old TiVo Series 2 has done all of those things for years.

  3. Shane says:

    I agree… check your bills and do the comparison. Based on my preliminary checking… I’m not really impressed. I am a long-time Rogers customer and I have the VIP discount (15%) for multiple services. Here is my comparison (just comparing the TV+Internet bundles);

    My current services:
    Extreme Internet = $59.99 + $4.00 modem rental (95GB cap): $63.99
    Digital VIP TV = $63.99 + $4.49 (one SD box) + $24.99 (HDPVR): $93.47
    Total: $3779.04 ($157.46 over 24 mos.) ~crazy I know… 🙁

    NextBox (TV+Internet): $738.72 ($123.12 x 6 mos) plus $2978.10 ($165.45 x 18 mos)
    Total: $3716.82 ($154.87 over 24 mos.)
    Plus: $49.99 professional install (extra $2/mo over 24 mos.)
    Plus: Internet modem rental goes up to $7/mo (extra $3/mo)
    Assuming I’m not charged an activation fee as an existing customer.

    Comparison Result:
    Roughly the same price per month over the 2 years except my Internet service lowers from Extreme to Express; my caps drops 15GB/month (from 95GB to 80GB); my speed drops from 28Mbps/Dn, 1Mbps/Up to 18Mbps/Dn, 512Kbps/Up. Unless I want to pay more… hahaha

    Again.. no incentive for existing customers… surprised? (NOT).

    Disclaimer: I might have missed something in my calculations.

    Good luck everyone!

  4. kate says:

    I just got the Rogers Nextbox 2.0 whole home PVR yesterday and there are a few things I am not impressed with. I was hoping the guide would be much better but it is not. The font is so small you can hardly read it and it only shows 5 rows of listing at once. Half the TV screen is taken up with info on the show (there is no way to change the appearance of this). The old guide allowed you to use the info button to get more info and the guide screen took up more of the TV. They have added the ability to tape a show for 5 minutes after the hour which is helpful as my old PVR was always cutting off the shows that ran a minute over. I can’t comment on the search function as it doesn’t work on my machine and I am headed back to the store to replace the PVR to see if that works. Also, you can only record 2 shows at once. With Bell Fibe TV you can record 4 shows at once. With a whole home PVR experience recording 2 shows at once is not enough if multiple TVs are sharing the PVR. You can only record 1 week ahead (with Bell you can record 2 weeks ). The List function has the TV running behind the words which makes it difficult to read. I am glad to have more recording space and the ability to watch the PVR on another TV but other than that a very disappointing product with not much improvement from the old version.

  5. Greg Hand says:

    I’ve had the worst customer service and installation issues of my life when I ordered this. It took 3 different installers on 3 different days to sort of get this up and running. I had to take 3 afternoons off of work for these turkeys to show up and barely try. They had excuse after excuse – one of the installers actually told me that they were having a lot of problems getting these to work properly. The new guide sucks. I’m constantly having to re-boot my PVR for my other boxes to be able to access it. I could live with these “glitches” if there was decent customer service. I called into complain because the first installer said “I have to run out to install a filter on your line” then he left and never came back (on a Friday) – he knocked my cable down and I was stuck without TV. I called customer service to have him come back and they told me they couldn’t because they weren’t sure who came out. CS couldn’t fix the issue because they couldn’t “see” my pvr so they’d have to send out another technician. However, the earliest appointment time was Monday afternoon! So I was stuck without cable for 3 days! I am sick of Rogers and if they can’t get this working properly soon I’m pulling all of my services. Please tell me this is an isolated issue. I can’t believe it took 3 different installers to just get me cable signal! I’m fuming with them right now.

  6. Bob Tran says:

    I had this installed last week and while I do like the whole home PVR idea, my PVR now constantly crashes and takes about 10 minutes to re-boot. I’ll be going through the guide then all of a sudden, BAM, it goes down and I get the Kit (night rider) spinning circle on the front of the PVR. I wait 10 minutes or so, then it comes back up. This happens frequently. I’d say one out of every 8 to 10 times I navigate thte guide. Hopefully Rogers will fix this soon as it is very annoying.

  7. Paul S says:


    I had to revert to the old one last night. For a week now it randomly deletes shows. At 10% full it gives me warnings about not enough space to record, and it won’t record two shows at once. Also the guide is very slow to navigation. Very frustrating I can believe it took them this long do an HD versions in the first place, Bell had theirs since 2007. These guys are proving over and over again how incompetent they are. Once my contract for the wireless comes up, after 11 years I AM DONE with Rogers for good!