Bell adds four HD movie channels to its Fibe and Satellite TV line-ups

Bell announced this week it has added the Hollywood Suite of high definition (HD) movie channels to its Bell Fibe TV and Bell Satellite channel line-up.

Bell IPTV and satellite direct-to-home (DTH) TV subscribers will be able to watch: Warner Films and MGM Channel which air movies from the respective studios libraries; Hollywood Storm which will air action and adventure films; and Hollywood Festival which will air independent and major studio romance and relationship films.

The suite of channels which are on Bell Satellite channels 1270 – 1273 and Fibe TV channels 1315 to 1318 will 480 to 483 are now in free preview after which they are expected to be available as a package for approximately $6 per month. Programming from the channels will also be available through Fibe TV’s Video on demand service.

The list of providers which now carry the four HD channels now includes Bell, Eastlink, MTS, Sasktel, and Telus.

The following is a selection of movies airing over the holiday season on the new channels.

December 24th

  • Hollywood Festival: Edward Scissorhands at 6:20pm, Elf at 8:10pm, You’ve Got Mail at 9:50pm

Christmas Day

  • WarnerFilms: Battle Of The Bulge at 1:40pm, Ben Hur at 8:30pm, Gone With The Wind at 12:30am
  • MGM Channel: Fiddler On The Roof at 8:30pm, Exodus at 11:30pm
  • Hollywood Storm: The Great Escape at 5:20pm, Lawrence of Arabia at 8:15pm, Magnificent Seven at 12 midnight
  • Hollywood Festival: Gandhi at 8:00pm, Amadeus at 11:15pm

Boxing Day

  • Hollywood Storm: Rocky at 9:00pm, Fight Club at 11:00pm

New Years Eve

  • Hollywood Festival: Singing in the Rain at 4:00pm, Rocky Horror Picture Show at 11:15pm

New Years Day

  • Warner Films – Batman Marathon: Batman at 2:30pm, Batman Returns at 4:40pm, Batman Forever 6:50pm, Batman and Robin at 9:00pm

January 2nd

  • Warner Films – Superman Marathon: Superman at 2:30pm, Superman II at 5:00pm, Superman III at 7:15pm, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace at 9:25pm

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3 Responses to “Bell adds four HD movie channels to its Fibe and Satellite TV line-ups”
  1. JONNY 5 says:

    Once again Shaw sits on there hands and adds nothing

  2. Connie says:

    So I got the 4 new channels. Problem is they only work on one tv. The HD-PVR. my other tvs are not HD so I’m paying all the extra just for one tv. Fubared!!

  3. Connie says:

    I have 1 tv with HD and 2 without. I just hooked up these 4 new channels for 8 bux a month and they only work on one tv cause they are only HD channels. Crappy! I won’t keep it. And the movies are all old on all four channels! It’s dum