eReader sales expected to triple in next five years

Kobo WIreless eReader

Worldwide sales of ebook readers, such as the Kobo wireless readers shown here, are predicted reach 67 million by 2016, nearly triple the 25 million devices expected to be sold in 2011 according to a recent forecast by Juniper Research.

The research firm expects sales to remain strong thanks to falling prices, the price of the market-leading Kindle has fallen significantly (from $349 to $79) since it was launched, and the benefits of electronic ink technology.

Juniper believes the one possible dark spot in eReaders future is the development of hybrid displays which integrate both LCD and electronic ink technology. While LCD is superior for high resolution video, electronic ink provides a more comfortable reading experience and utilises less battery.

In case you’re wondering how eReader sales are expected to stack up against tablets, a recent report from DisplaySearch predicts tablet sales will reach 60 million units this year rising to 330 million units by 2017.

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