Sun News Network added to Rogers and Cogeco Digital cable line-ups

The Sun News Network will become part of the Cogeco and Rogers digital cable line-up in Ontario beginning November 1st.

Sun News Network will be available to Cogeco digital cable customers in standard definition on channels 195 and in high definition on channel 705. Rogers customers in Ontario will find Sun News on channel 142 (SD) and channel 567 (HD).

The Sun News Network is an English language Category 2 news and opinion channel owned and operated by Quebecor Media through a partnership between two of its subsidiaries, TVA Group Inc. (51% ownership) and Sun Media Corporation (49% ownership).

The channel launched on April 18, 2011 under a Category 2 licence granted by the CRTC in November 2010, after the network aborted a highly publicized attempt for a Category A license that would have given it mandatory access on digital cable and satellite providers across Canada.

The station is also available through the following major cable and satellite providers: Shaw Direct, Eastlink, Shaw, Videotron, Access TV, Bell Fibe TV and TBaytel. The station is not available through Bell Satellite TV after Canada’s largest Direct-to-Home satellite Television provider removed it from its line-up last May in a dispute over fees.

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7 Responses to “Sun News Network added to Rogers and Cogeco Digital cable line-ups”
  1. Curmudgeon says:

    So we lose yet another analogue channel! (Ottawa 66)

  2. Winter says:

    @Curmudgeon, analogue has no future, soon digital will be the only choice. Digital cable is not much expensive compare to analogue, example in my area digital is only 7$ extra for the first box (SD), and 4,50$ (SD) per extra boxes. Not bad to get around 280 channels including FM radio, Galaxie, OnDemand, Time shifting,… (Digital Basic)

  3. Highlyannoyed says:

    Just found out that we have lost Sun TV from Channel 15. What gives ? So now its on 142 ?
    How do we get ch. 142 ? Its not even on my TV, which only goes to 130. This is a PIA, as Sun TV is the best news and commentary station on TV.
    Why did they not just leave it on 15, instaed of jerking people around ?

    Was this Sun TV ‘s doing or Rogers ?

    • AlfaAlfalfa says:

      Seriously? You like SUN tv? To each his own I guess.

      I believe that the channel was only placed on channel 15 temporarily.

      Funny though, when you consider the Harper government rushed to have this channel on air prior to the last election.

      And of course, Quebecor and SUN tv was handed a half billion subsidy by the Harper government.

      Where I come from, that’s called corruption.

      In light of their war against the CBC, it looks pretty awful (although I gave up on the CBC long ago).

  4. Robert Bell says:

    I feel betrayed. I told evereyone who wanted to listen about sunnews when you first came on the air. Now you’ve shut out who knows how many viewers. I’m disappointed and am cancelling my Sun subscription. Hope you feel betrayed.

  5. AlfaAlfalfa says:

    Many people objected to having SUN tv rammed down their throats.

    Even on channel 15, its audiences were quite small.

    Aside from a $500 million subsidy to SUN tv’s parent company Quebecor, they’re a steady money loser.

    Looks good on ’em.

    Seems like the FOX-ification of Canadian tv isn’t as easy as Harper and Paledeau imagined.

  6. Hey Man says:

    I am so glad that Sun News Network is off basic cable. That Fox News wannabe was an embarrassment to news in general and to Canada. I hope they close up shop quicker now, since they are harder to find and many Canadians don’t have access to channels that high. Sun News Network is a complete joke, just like their newspapers. Anyone who actually liked this sham of a news station is beyond pathetic. Sun News Network – made by and for complete morons.