Bell Satellite customers angry over new on-screen ads

Bell Satellite TV (BSTV) recently rolled out a new firmware update (version 189) for the company’s 9241 and 9242 dual tuner HD PVRs which Digital Home readers report has added little in the form of new functionality but has added one new major annoyance.

Within the last few days, BSTV viewers have begun complaining about new banner ads showing up at the base of their onscreen program guide.

Readers complain that in addition to being intrusive, the ads also cut off the bottom channel of the onscreen program guide. This forces users to page down more often in order to see more channels on the screen.

While we don’t know how long it will last, the good news is that Digital Home readers report that there is a way to turn the annoying ads off.

To turn off the ads from your remote

  • Press Menu
  • Select Preferences
  • Select Favourites

On the Favourites screen, click on the option to turn “Guide Banner” off.

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6 Responses to “Bell Satellite customers angry over new on-screen ads”
  1. mike marshall says:

    Cogeco is also running banner ads at times on its onscreen program guide that comes with our digital standard def receiver. Very irritating and, unlike Bell, there doesn’t seem to be a kill option.

  2. Phillip Ontakos says:

    Running banner ads on the On Screen Guide = Revenue. Bell TV should therefore compensate the users FORCED to view them by lowering their monthly bill. But Bell TV won’t do that now will they? Therefore – BOOM – get ’em off. We already watch enough commercials.

  3. koopakups says:

    don’t mind banner ads but make the service free! somebody already got paid no? remember free internet that are bombarded with ads back in the day? TV should be the same.

  4. Cambo says:

    If they bother you that much you can turn them off in the guide.

  5. Rambo says:

    Cambo, your whole life is about disagreeing with others right ?
    Always proving you know better.

  6. Cambo says:


    Say whaa? I just found out that you can turn them off in the guide preferences. How is that disagreeing or proving “I know better?”