Updated EastLink PVR firmware lets users add additional storage

Years after it was made available to consumers on many cable and satellite systems across Canada, Eastlink Cable has updated its PVR firmware so customers with eSATA capable PVRs can add an external hard drive for additional program storage.

The company, which relies on Motorola cable set top boxes, says the firmware upgrade will enable customers to expand the storage capacity of their Motorola DCX 3400, DCT 6412 and DCT 6416 PVRs.

To expand their storage, EastLink customers simply purchase a 7200 RPM eSATA external hard drive with a minimum 16MB buffer and plug it into the eSATA port on the back of their Eastlink PVR while its turned off. On most receivers, it is under the HDMI port.

When the PVR turns on, Eastlink users will be presented with a single onscreen prompt which reads “The external drive must be formatted to use with this cable box. All content on the external drive will be removed. Do you wish to Continue?” Highlight the Yes box and press the OK button.

Once the external hard drive is formatted, users will receive a message saying the formatting of the external drives was completed successfully and the drive will be ready of use.

Once the drive is ready, all newly recorded programs will be saved to it. The amount of programming you can record on the external drive will be limited by its size. Using a 1 Terabyte drive, users should be able to record and additional 200 hours of HD programming.

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