SiriusXM promotion targets former customers

In emails sent to former satellite radio subscribers, SiriusXM in the U.S and Canada is offering lapsed customers free access to sixty channels for two weeks starting August 30th.

The free channels include a variety of commercial free music, sports, news and entertainment stations. Sorry no Howard Stern!

After the trial period ends, former subscribers in the U.S. will have the ability to renew their subscriptions for 5 months for $25. In Canada, readers tell Digital Home they have been offered a year of service for $99.

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One Response to “SiriusXM promotion targets former customers”
  1. Hey there says:

    I had the 90 day full trial when I purchased my new vehicle.
    When the timer ran out, I did not subscribe.

    My point being that their rates are too high for what you get.
    Consider that you really have to be IN your car a LOT to really get your money’s worth.
    Unless you are a truck/taxi driver, it does not make sense.

    I spoke to XM at least 5 times since my subsription ran out and told them that if they charged 4.99 per month, I would sign up.
    To me that seems fair for low-quality compressed audio – especially when one can get streaming VIDEO services for about 10.00 per month.

    They need to give their heads a shake. Even at 4.99 per month, think about all those people with new vehicles out there who did not renew their subscriptions and have this fancy XM capable radio in their vehicle.
    It would be better to get 4.99 from a lot of people (and those being happy customers) than to gouge much fewer customers at outrageously higher rates.
    They are missing the masses and the true target market – normal people who drive occasionally (ie, do not LIVE in their cars).