Shaw gets approval for National Sports Channel

In a broadcasting decisions handed down this week by the CRTC, the federal regulator has approved an application by Shaw to operate a national, English-language sports channel.

Shaw had applied for the category 2 digital specialty channel last December saying the station would air competitive mainstream sports making it a direct competitor to Sportsnet and TSN.

On the surface, Shaw’s desire to create a new sports channel would appear to be a sound business decision. Digital Specialty channels, especially sports channels, are extremely lucrative in Canada. Last year, the Canadian specialty television industry had profits of $877 million on $3.46 billion in revenues. The specialty station with the largest profits was Bell Media’s TSN which earned profits of $53 million on revenues of $267.6 million. The second most profitable station was Rogers Sportsnet which earned $46.8 million on $217 million in revenues.

Unfortunately for Shaw shareholders, despite the station being approved by the CRTC, its unlikely to ever get off the ground. In June, Shaw said it was no longer going to launch its own sports channel citing the fact that TSN and Sportsnet had tied up the rights to most major North American sports leagues leaving little for Shaw to broadcast.

Said Shaw President Peter Bissonette to the Calgary Herald at the time “When you look at the rights that are out there and available, there are virtually none now, between Bell and Rogers they’ve got the CFL, the NHL, they’ve got the NFL. I think the only thing they were missing was ringette.”

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5 Responses to “Shaw gets approval for National Sports Channel”
  1. mkie says:

    Maybe somebody can start showing some more US College football

  2. asdd says:

    This is great news. I hope its more like ESPN than TSN.

  3. Dog says:

    Are we forgetting who had nearly exclusive NFL rights about 5 years ago? The game can change rather quickly.

  4. dirtychoncho says:

    Seriously another sports channel? Not sure if one is really necessary.

    • dude says:

      Shaw needs to add some diversity to there hd line up, more hd news channels, more family channels etc.
      of the non network channels nearly half of them are sports, and almost the rest are channels filled with round the clock reality crap shows. do we really need all the poker shows too?