More than one in four Canadians now own a PVR

According to a June 2011 survey BBM Canada, an estimated three out of five Canadians (60.1%) now own an HDTV, up significantly from an estimated 52.1% in June of 2010.

The ratings agency also found that the number of homes that own a PVR is up 34% over the same period in 2010. An estimated 27.5% of Canadians homes owned a PVR in June 2011, up from 20.5% in June 2010.

Motorola HD PVR used by many cable systems in Canada

The numbers, combined with previous year numbers, seem to suggest that PVR ownership is snowballing. While it took almost seven years for PVR penetration to reach 10% PVR penetration, it is expected to take just three years to reach the 30% level. That means more than twice as many Canadian homes have bought PVRs in the last three years as did in the previous seven years.

BBM predicts PVR penetration will reach 31.2% by the end of this year.

Interestingly, while the growth in PVR ownership soars, the Television Bureau of Canada (TVB), an industry trade group which represents the interests of television broadcasters in Canada, claims that very few Canadians actually watch pre-recorded programming.

The TVB says that 96.2% of television viewing in Canada is to live television while just 3.8% of television time spent watching programs recorded on a PVR. In 2010, the time spent watching programs recorded on a PVR was just 0.91 hours or 3.1% of overall viewing.

In a survey of 1,000 adults 18+, the TVB also found that the pecentage of time spent watching live vs. pre-recorded programming varied little by age.

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2 Responses to “More than one in four Canadians now own a PVR”
  1. Dog says:

    not surprising that the TVB claims few watch pre-recorded programming since it erodes their business model due to the ability to easily skip commercials.

  2. Writerpatrick says:

    I wonder if that also includes those who use their computer as a PVR. Although I think the Bell ExpressVu service is only offering tuner boxes with built-in PVRs which might affect the numbers.

    I still own a VCR. 🙂