Hollywood suite bringing four new HD movie channels to Canada

Hollywood Suite, a privately owned Toronto based company headed by former Chum CEO Jay Switzer, announced today that it would launch four new high-definition movie channels across Canada this November.

The digital specialty channels will air HD Movies uncut, unedited and commercial free throughout the week.

The new channels include: Warner Films and MGM Channel which will air movies from the respective studios libraries; Hollywood Storm which will air action and adventure films; and Hollywood Festival which will air independent and major studio romance and relationship films.

Hollywood Suite says the channels will feature about 450 movies a month with a selection available on demand, on-line and on mobile.

“With a number of leading financial backers including Alliance Films, and with studio support from Warner Bros., MGM, and Alliance, as well as many Canadian producers, we know these channels will be exceptionally well received in Canada.” said Mr. Switzer.

Specialty movie channels are extremely profitable in Canada. Hollywood Suites primary competitors, TMN and Movie Central, were the seventh and eleventh most profitable specialty stations in Canada last year, collectively earning over $62 million in profits on revenues of about $244 million.

Pricing for the four channels or what, if any, broadcast distributors in Canada will pick the channels was not announced.

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One Response to “Hollywood suite bringing four new HD movie channels to Canada”
  1. Venkman says:

    I bet this will replace SuperChannel now that Rogers is launching FX Canada. I see a pattern happening with HBO Canada and Disney XD. Canadian TV channel compaies are Licensing American brand name channels in order to bypass CRTC these companies get approval for generic movie channels etc then form agreements with the licensee. How will this effect MPiX I wonder. I’m guessing this is a “library only” channel like MPIX only airing more classic films. It’s good to see competition heating up but this better not effect TMN/HBO/Astral contracts with Warners(HBO is a Time Warner company) because Canadians don’t want another 15-20$ movie channel with these channels competing for studio agreements like SuperChannel and 20th Century Fox. I notice they didn’t announce pricing which can’t be a good sign but I like that these channels are getting CRTC approval