Canadian tech users meet on the Digital Forum

Every month over half a million people visit the Digital Home Canada website looking for objective, independent information and advice about Consumer electronic hardware and Canadian service providers such as Bell TV, Shaw Cable, Telus Mobility, MTS, EastLink, Cogeco and Videotron.

Often Canadians are frustrated because they can’t get straight answers to simple questions from retailers, manufacturers or their Canadian television, High Speed Internet or Wireless phone providers. It’s then that our readers turn to the Digital Forum.

The Digital forum is what technology pundits call a “social network”, what marketers call “social media” and what I call “a place to get straight answers to technology questions.”

The Digital Forum at Digital Home now has over 100,000 members and attracts more than 700,000 readers a month. In addition to discussing the service offerings of Canada’s biggest cable, satellite, high speed internet and wireless phone providers, we also discuss the latest in consumer electronics including Smarpthones, Tablet computers like the iPad, HDTV, Home Theatre, home automation and home computing.

The Digital Forum is growing rapidly because Canadians are frustrated by long waits on the phone with their service provider and are frustrated by the fact that much of the mainstream media in Canada is controlled by the same companies that are selling them these digital services.

In response to our growth, big box retailers and Digital Service providers have tried to start their own forums with little success. Canadians flock to Digital Home and the Digital Forum because we are independent they know our members will tell them what the big companies don’t want their customers to hear.

The growth in the Digital Forum and social media is a trend that big Canadian media companies don’t want you to know about because it’s changing the media landscape and putting the power back into the hands of consumers.

Here is what the Interactive Advertising Bureau wrote in their report on User Generated Content, Social Media and advertising. User Generated Content (UGC) and Social Networks are transforming the media ecosystem. Gone are the days when power rested in the hands of a few content creators and media distributors. Gone are the days when marketers controlled the communication and path between advertisement and consumer. Today’s model is collaborative, collective, customized and shared. It’s a world in which the consumer is the creator, consumer and distributor of content.

When major Canadian cable and telecommunications companies roll out new products and services, they also visit the Digital Forum to find out what consumers are saying. Often they learn of new problems from our readers within hours. For example, when Rogers Cable rolled out its QuickStart menu on digital cable set top boxes, readers found out about it on Digital Home first and were they ever angry! After learning they weren’t the only ones to be angry, Digital Home readers complained loudly and after just two weeks, Rogers announced that it would be making changes to its hated new menu.

The Digital Forum has been successful because its focus is purely on Canada. Digital Home readers come from all over North America, however, we remain focused on the needs of English speaking Canadians. It’s very gratifying when visitors and members write to thank us for providing a uniquely Canadian place to discuss and learn more about new technology in the home.

Digital Home invites readers to become a member of the Digital Forum today.

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