/A\ Network becomes CTV2 starting today

Bell Media’s CTV Two, formerly known as the /A\ Network, launched today in standard definition.

The rebranded network will begin broadcasting in high definition to English Canadian viewers in Vancouver/Victoria, Toronto/Barrie, Ottawa, London, Windsor and Atlantic Canada on Wednesday.

The CTV Two schedule will be dominated by U.S. network programming such as The X Factor, The Vampire Diaries Mike and Molly, CSI: Miami and Criminal Minds. NBC’s Tonight Show, Fox’s American Idol and CBS’s Two and a Half Men.

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4 Responses to “/A\ Network becomes CTV2 starting today”
  1. Dave Wennerstrom says:

    I have been watching the news and weather for a number of years now,but with your new format for the weather does not help me at all.I live in Orangeville Ont. and watch the weather map to find out the info.needed for our area.This has now been excluded,why?I also would like to point out that for the weather watchers pictures not everybody owns a computer,scanner so those kids can not submit their pictures Thanks Dave Wennerstrom

  2. Sam Samson says:

    What? No Montreal? There are many TV viewers who don’t want to be arbitrarily excluded here in Montreal. I can’t see that this exclusion is warranted by the potential viewership numbers. Is this somewhat scandalous? I think so.

  3. J McDonald says:

    Have been watching for years and do not like the new weather format PLEASE bring back the old.

  4. Christina Caldwell says:

    Who cancelled our beloved Road to Avonlea?! Please return it to it’s 8am slot. Thanks.