Shaw Cable opens up the Movie Club

In what appears to be a direct response to the arrival of Netflix in Canada, Shaw Shaw Cable now offering the Shaw Movie Club.

For $12 a month, $4 per month more than Netflix, the Movie Club gives customers access unlimited access to two hundred movie titles in standard definition. Shaw says about ten of those movies will be refreshed weekly.

Movies included in the movie club will typically be older releases which are no longer available through Shaw Video on Demand (VOD) and back catalogue titles. Included with the Movie Club is access to the Movie Central 2 and Encore Avenue 2.

Later this summer Shaw will offer a high definition version of the Movie Club for $17 per month.

Shaw customers who already subscribe to Movie Central will be able to purchase the Standard Definition version of the movie club for $3 per month or $8 per month for the high definition version.

The Movie Club is currently only available to Shaw Gateway customers and through the Shaw online VOD service, however, it is expected to be available through all digital set top in August.

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10 Responses to “Shaw Cable opens up the Movie Club”
  1. morikaweb says:

    Not sure how that competes against Netflix since it will only work on their proprietary hardware, hard wired to their network. It would be nice though if a company like Shaw actually invested in competing against Netflix on the open internet.

    • Shaw Champ says:

      @morikaweb if you subscribe to Shaw TV you can use the Online Shaw VOD player to watch shows on any capable hardware with an internet connection anywhere.

  2. Donald says:

    Why would you pay more for less choice

  3. OddyOh says:

    Standard Def? Be still my beating heart…

    I hope Shaw loses most of their money on this.

  4. John from Surrey says:

    I am truly confused how this will compete with NETFLIX – it is more expensive, and I get full high def and DD 5.1 with NETFLIX. Where is the value in this? Am I missing something here? If this was competitive with NETFLIX I would consider it, but I can’t see the upside for double the price….

    • Rex says:

      Movie Club is not the same as Netflix. Netflix is Internet delivery only. Movie Club is cable and internet delivery.

      It is more expensive but an HD signal on cable will be at a significantly higher bit rate which means a much better picture on a 50″ plus HDTV.

      Also Shaw should have a better selection of more recent movies as it will include some movies that just went off VOD.

      Sometimes you get what you pay for.

  5. Yroc says:

    Not a chance. Less content of lesser quality with defined limits on expansion for more money.

  6. wiggum says:

    I had read (I think on Michael Geist’s blog) that the online offering of this service would not count toward your Shaw internet bandwidth cap. I have mixed feelings about this. I think more things should be exempt from the bandwidth caps, but one of the strongest arguments for net neutrality is that is provides a competitive platform to deliver services like movie streaming. If Shaw is allowed to exempt its own caps for its service only, I don’t see how this will foster competition going forward.

    I think that Shaw, by saying for certain services can be exempted from the bandwidth caps, really cuts into the ‘necessity of bandwidth caps due to congestion’ argument.

    • Rex says:

      wiggum, Michael Geist was wrong. Clearly he never spoke to anyone at Shaw to confirm his facts.

      When viewed online, Movie Club movies count towards your cap.