Shaw breaks ground on new data centre in Calgary

Shaw Communications announced today it was breaking ground on a new energy efficient data centre in Calgary, Alberta which will be used to increase Shaw’s broadband internet capacity.

Expected to be completed by 2014, the center is expected to achieve LEED certification by employing a number of green building technologies such as “free cooling.”

Free cooling is an economical method of using low external air temperatures to assist in chilling water, which can then be used for air conditioning systems inside the data centers.

In a nutshell, when the ambient air temperature drops to a set temperature, a modulating valve allows all or part of the chilled water to by-pass an existing chiller and run through the free cooling system, which uses less power and uses the lower ambient air temperature to cool the water in the system.

Data centers, which can hold thousands or tens of thousands of computers, generate a tremendous amount of heat and often require air conditioning in winter months near the interior of the building.

“Sustainability is top of mind at Shaw,” said Shaw President Peter Bissonnette. “In recent years we have introduced several processes that manage our impact on the environment – from vendor selection to building practices”

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