Zip and Samsung announce Canadian movie streaming deal

Samsung Canada and have announced a deal which would allow Zip to offer its upcoming video streaming to owners of Samsung’s line of internet connected Televisions, Blu-ray players and Home Theatre products.

Similar to the Netflix apps found on many Internet enabled television, Zip users could download a Zip application or widget to their Samsung device and be streaming movies and tv shows from Zip.

“This new partnership will help Canadian’s access’s expansive catalogue and underscores our goal of developing smart technologies that deliver content with convenience.” said David Vitale, Head of Marketing, Samsung Electronics Canada.

The head of Zip Scott Richards says the company has been working with Samsung to develop the app for a year.

Zip comes late to the Internet streaming party, almost eight months after California based Netflix began offering service in this country. Netflix now has over 800,000 subscribers in Canada who pay $8 a month for unlimited video streaming.

Pricing and availability of the new service and new application was not announced.

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3 Responses to “Zip and Samsung announce Canadian movie streaming deal”
  1. Johnny Canuck says:

    How is Zip’s catalog (title selection) compare to

    I know (US Site) is awesome but I am VERY disappointed with catalog…

  2. Dog says:

    If they have any success at all they will become a target for a Netflix takeover. They are like 2 years late. Do a quick search and you will see has been talking about this since 2009.

  3. Cambo says:

    The major flaw in this agreement is the agreement itself. Signing on with 1 manufacturer will be the kiss of death for them.

    Netflix has it right for game consoles and Apps for those that don’t, but they didn’t exclusively sign themselves with a hardware vendor.