Loblaw’s unlimited wireless plans not really unlimited

Thanks to the entrance of new wireless providers Mobilicity, Public Mobile and Wind Mobile, the way wireless phone service is sold in this country and the way it is priced has changed quite dramatically.

Unfortunately, one thing that doesn’t seem to be have changed in the last year is deceptive wireless advertising which appears to promise a very attractieve offer but in fact does not.

A case in point is new “Unlimited” monthly wireless plans from Loblaw.

Read Closely. Only calling to other PC Mobile customers is unlimited

In a statement issued today, the food retailer announced it was launching a new “menu of UNLIMITED monthly plans” priced at $15, $25 and $35 a month.


If you’re like most consumers, you would probably think that “Unlimited” referred to unlimited local calling and text. For example, Mobilicity’s Unlimited plans all offer unlimited Text and Picture messaging, local calling and Caller ID. Public Mobile’s Unlimited Talk plan offers Unlimited province-wide calling while its Talk plus text plan offer Unlimited province-wide calling and unlimited texting.

Sadly Loblaw’s plans prey on consumers assumption that Unlimited means unlimited. A closer inspection the Loblaw plans however finds the $15 a month offers zero minutes of anytime calling minutes per month, the $25 a month plan offers 100 anytime minutes per month and the $35 plan offers 150 anytime minutes per month.

Additional Anytime local minutes above the Loblaw plans allotted number of anytime minutes will actually cost subscribers a whopping 35 cents a minutes. Talk on the phone for 3 hours a month and that $15 a month plan will cost you closer to $78 per month!

So why is Loblaw calling their plans “Unlimited”. It seems the plans offer “Unlimited local calling & texting between PC Mobile Members.” If you choose to phone the 99 plus percent of Canadians who don’t have a PC Mobile phones then be prepared to pay extra.

Once Digital Home reminds its readers to shop carefully when shopping for a new wireless phone and wireless phone. Ignore the name of the plan and read the fine print carefully!

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3 Responses to “Loblaw’s unlimited wireless plans not really unlimited”
  1. Bernie says:

    I don’t seen where it says the plans are unlimited. Maybe I’m missing something. All I see is the price of the plan and then the features that are included. I can’t see why anyone would assume they include umlimited talk time.

  2. Eric says:

    What’s deceptive here is the lack of objective reporting in this piece. The PC Mobile website is very clear about what’s included and what’s not. The word unlimited appears once and does not imply unlimited talk. The $15 plan would be good value for some people like my kids who rarely make voice calls, but text like mad. I fail to see that Loblaws is “preying” on consumers.

  3. Rex says:

    The following is from the press release issued by Loblaw today. Notice that UNLIMITED is all cap and used about seven times in just a few paragraphs



    TORONTO, May 9 /CNW/ – Launching a menu of UNLIMITED monthly plans for the first time, PC® mobile products and services offer Canadian families brand name mobile phones and new options for simple, affordable plans.

    “We’re offering Canadians a great selection of stylish mobile phones to choose from and the value they’ve come to expect from the President’s Choice® brand,” said Sandra Daniel, senior director, PC Telecom. “Starting this month, shoppers will have new flavours of UNLIMITED talk, text and tweet options to choose from.”

    PC® mobile products and services are offered through many of Loblaw Companies Limited (Loblaw) banner stores across the country.

    PC® mobile services now include great new ways for customers to get value for their hard-earned dollars:

    UNLIMITED plans starting as low as $15 per month and the first month for FREE;
    Simplified plans with talk and text options to suit any budget for $15, $25 or $35 per month;
    All monthly plans include UNLIMITED regular text messaging throughout North America and UNLIMITED PC® mobile Family Calling, letting customers reach out to other PC® mobile customers locally, any time of the day or night; and
    Plans stuffed with more value so that Canadian families can talk and text to their hearts’ content, without blowing the family budget.
    “We want to make life easier for Canadian families,” added Daniel. “With PC® mobile products and services, what you see is what you get. There are no zones, gimmicks or hidden costs – just UNLIMITED calling and texting options using brand name phones, easy on-the-spot comparisons and unparalleled value.”