One in four Canadian Homes owns a PVR

A March survey of 15,000 Canadians by BBM Canada has found that about one in four (25.5%) of homes in this country has a Personal Video Recorder (PVR). That number is significantly less than the 38% of U.S. homes which have a PVR.

BBM projects that PVR penetration will grow to 27.2% by June 2011, up from just 11.7% three years earlier.

The ratings firm also queried Canadians on whether they owned an HDTV television and/or a high definition set top box or receiver. Almost six out of ten Canadians (57.6%) said they owned an HDTV while 28.5% said they owned an HD receiver.

BBM predicts HDTV owners will rise to 59.8% by June of this year, up from 37.6% in June of 2008. Canadians with HD receivers is predicted to increase to 30.3% in June 2011, up from 14.1% in June 2008.

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4 Responses to “One in four Canadian Homes owns a PVR”
  1. Pinza says:

    It would also have been very interesting to see how many of the 15,000 surveyed had multiple PVR’s.

    With the introduction of Bell TV’s 6131 & 6141 HD Receiver models, the addition of an External Hard Drive transforms a normal HD box into a powerful HD PVR.

    Myself, I have 5 receivers on my account, they are all PVR’s, 4 of them Dual Tuner HD PVR’s.

  2. Daryl Jenkins says:

    One in four… wow, I can’t believe it’s that low!

    I guess owning multiple PVR’s, HD capture cards for PC’s, placeshifting cable / satellite boxes to other TV’s (included recorded shows), streaming back video wirelessly through media players, and then discussing all this technology on sites like this makes one oblivious as to how everyone else is still way behind in implementing the latest of technologies, even when it comes to basic things like PVR’s.

    • perrrob says:

      I’m one of those who doesn’t own a PVR … I just don’t have a need for it.

      Can’t think of anything I would want to record when all the channels are playing the same cr*p at different times anyway. On how many channels is The Ice Road Truckers playing these days … ;o)

      I do have HD cable boxes on my 2 big HDTV’s though … couldn’t live without Discovery World and National Geographic.

      • Rex says:

        There’s 16 minutes of commercials each hours so a PVR saves me about 15 minutes per hour of television viewing. If I watch 5 or 10 hours of TV a week, the PVR gives me an extra 75 to 150 minutes a week to get my chores done.